The winds of change reveal the signs of understanding, yet I am bewildered by those who fail to grasp the wisdom of the world. The world is like a cake in a pan, capable of transforming a person at any moment. That is why I always hope that the world changes your life, for I do not wish anything to come between you until death itself separates you, just as my blood does. This is how I feel about you, Nameer. I hope you remain as close as brothers until the end of your days.

Hisham Nameer, I can hardly believe that Amini is as dear to you as a blood relative, given that I have held him in my arms since the passing of his parents. The genuine love between you two is evident, but let me offer my counsel and advice. Your friendship is strong and influential, and I know you will triumph over any adversaries. I am immensely proud of you both. I offer this advice because death comes unannounced and does not knock on anyone’s door. I could return to my place at any moment.

He looked at Nameer Hisham and sighed, “Abba, I sometimes forget that Nameer is just my friend. I see him as my own blood. He has treated me with utmost kindness. Abba, he has always stood by me in the face of every challenge. Ammi used to raise us together, feed us together, and wipe away our tears together. How can I not consider him more than just a friend? He has transcended the status of a friend, for my love for him is such that I would sacrifice everything in my life for him. I am incredibly proud of him. Nameer, Abba, he is my life’s essence, and I grant him my wholehearted approval.”

Hisham, speaking up, added, “Abba, he is my cousin, and there should be no doubt in your mind about our bond. We are inseparable. The trust we share is unbreakable, like a strong rope. We have vowed to put our enemies to shame, so please have faith in us, Abba.”

“Indeed, I bear witness to it as well, Abban Hisham. My children have never quarreled with each other. It’s time for the office, my dear men, so don’t keep the employees waiting. May God bless and protect you always,” Abba said with a smile.

“Amen, Ammi, we appreciate your blessings, and we will return soon,” Hisham replied.

“Then, we’ll be back, Ammi,” Nameer chimed in. With that, Ammi and Abba exchanged goodbyes before each picked up their work bags and left the house together.

Ammi smiled at Abba and said, “Abban Hisham, the love and passion they share for each other is profound. I feel as if Nameer is my own child, as if I gave birth to him. Abban Hisham, people should commend you for appointing Nameer as the head of your company, HISHAM RICE MILL LIMITED. It’s a significant gift for your son, and I am confident he will safeguard your business and its reputation. May Allah bless Nameer’s parents, for they were noble souls who understood the rights of their neighbors.”

Abba let out a sigh and replied, “I’ve noticed that Hisham is more composed and discerning. He pays careful attention to the company’s growth. That’s why I trust him. There’s no need to thank me for what I should have done. After all, Nameer is also my son.”

“That’s how Allah has guided me. Last year, I went to deliver the store’s key to Tutu, and she offered me some coffee, which ended up being more than I expected,” Ammi explained.

“Alright, you may go,” Abba said, donning his glasses and picking up the newspaper once more. Ammi headed towards their bedroom, Nihal.

As they strolled down the street after leaving the Aminci newspaper office, they noticed a crowd of people gathered by the roadside. Jidda asked Basmah about it.

“Basmah, what’s happening over there?”

Basmah responded, “Such a silly question! Come with me if you want to find out. But don’t ask me questions like if I’m a fairy or a sorcerer; I don’t possess magical knowledge.”

“Fair enough, Basmah. I just wanted to know if you’d seen what’s going on.”

Basmah retorted, “You have a Jidda problem. You can’t be bothered to keep up with what’s happening outside. You don’t take it seriously, and you’re either seeking an adventure or a news story.”

“I don’t have time for your sarcasm. If you can keep up, come with me. If not, I’ll see you at home,” Jidda replied, proceeding towards the commotion.

Basmah followed her, and when they reached the scene, they found a woman lying on the ground motionless. The onlookers appeared hesitant to help her.

Jidda exclaimed, “Subhanallah! What happened to her? You’ve been watching her without offering assistance, even though she was thrown from a car. You’ll all be held accountable if she dies here.”

One of the bystanders explained, “How can we touch her body after witnessing her being thrown from a car? We don’t want to get involved in any trouble. If you want to help, call the police first.”

Jidda thought to herself, “It’s incredible how people can watch a woman in distress by the roadside and not lend a hand. If it were their sister, they wouldn’t hesitate to help. Disappointing!”

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