ILLAR AUREN DOLE Complete Document Written By Aisha A Yabo Fulani


The atmosphere was light and cheerful as Balkisu and Ummu visited Yaya Ahmad’s house. Their playful banter and interaction with Affan, Yaya Ahmad’s son, added a touch of warmth to the gathering. Balkisu’s mischievous nature surfaced when she playfully teased Ummu, adding a sense of humor to the occasion.

As they entered the house, they were welcomed by Aunty Meena’s hospitality. The banter continued, and the playful dynamics among the characters were evident. Yaya Ahmad, though unwell, displayed a positive spirit, appreciating the company of the two young girls.

The narrative beautifully captured the essence of family bonds and the joy that comes with spending time together. The affectionate interaction between Yaya Ahmad and Balkisu showcased a deep connection, emphasizing the importance of family ties.

As they sat in Aunty Meena’s room, discussing their plans and expressing gratitude, the sense of unity and care among the characters shone through. Yaya Ahmad’s friends, who were mentioned in passing, added a layer of community and friendship to the story.

The decision to leave during the evening prayer reflected the characters’ respect for their religious practices. The storytelling maintained a light and engaging tone, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the warmth and camaraderie of the characters.

Overall, the narrative effectively conveyed the joy of familial connections and the importance of being there for one another, even in simple moments of shared laughter and conversation.

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