IKLAS Complete Document Written By Maman Nurul Huda


“SINCERE! SINCERE!! SINCERE!!!” She pounded the table with her hand, realizing she had called her friend three times.

In shock, her friend looked at her and asked, “Is that how you refer to me? Do you even listen to me?”

Minal replied, “Well, you should get up, and let’s go home. Islam is ready.”

She got up, took her bag, and said, “Let’s go. I’m always feeling down. I keep thinking that someone will come and trouble me.”

Minal said, “Indeed, IKLAS, we are going through tough times. Can’t you please yourself and stop hurting yourself? You don’t even know what you’re doing. You don’t know him; you’ve only heard his voice. Stop yourself from calling him just to find out if he’s married, especially when he knows nothing about you.”

IKLAS looked at her and said, “By the way, he already has three wives, and I would be the fourth. But let me tell you, he has captured my heart since the first day I heard his voice on the radio. I fell in love with him, and I can’t seem to erase my feelings for RMD. It’s like his presence has become an inseparable part of me,” she finished her words with tears in her eyes.

Minal said, “God’s will be done. May God be generous with us.”

As they walked and talked about RMD, Rabi advised her, “Why don’t you listen to me? Leave that blind affection aside and pay attention to Mahmud Naga; he loves you too.”

IKLAS responded, “God forbid! I won’t marry a man who can’t control himself and chases after other women. Honestly, Minal, if you want us to continue our friendship, please stop mentioning Mahmud to me.”

Minal said, “May God forgive you.”

Just then, they arrived at their house’s door.

Minal asked, “Shall we meet tomorrow, then?”

IKLAS didn’t even look at her as she continued walking, leaving Minal standing with her mouth open.

Minal sighed, “IKLAS doesn’t like facing the truth; now she’s upset.”

IKLAS entered their house and marveled at its beauty and elegance. She went straight to her mother and greeted her warmly.

Her mother asked, “Oh, you’re back already?”

IKLAS replied, “Yes, we’re home. Is dad back yet?”

Her mother said, “No, he’s not back yet.”

“Alright then, I’ll go inside, take a bath, and pray the evening prayer before he returns,” IKLAS said.

IKLAS entered her bedroom, which was adorned with everything in orange color. She performed ablution and took a bath, then emerged wearing a gown and a hijab to offer the evening prayer.

After speaking with her friend, Maryam knocked on the door and said, “Come on, tell your dad to join us for dinner.”

IKLAS happily got up, went downstairs to the dining room, and took her seat.

“Daddy, I’m upset that you took so long to come back,” IKLAS said.

Her father apologized, “I’m sorry, my dear. I was in a meeting with pilgrim Mohammed, which delayed me.”

Her mother interjected, “Hajji, don’t scold our girl. Remember, she’s a woman, and one day she’ll get married.”

Ignoring her mother’s advice, he said, “My daughter, I brought you a gift, and I hope you’ll forgive me for being late.”

With a smile, IKLAS asked, “What is it, Abba?” Her father presented her with a new radio.

He said, “It’s the latest model, and I know you’ll enjoy listening to the news with it. It tunes in to any station.”

Overjoyed, she exclaimed, “Thank you, Father! May God bless you.”

He replied, “Amen.”

Maryam looked at them disapprovingly and shook her head.

After finishing their meal, the house staff cleared the table. IKLAS went back to her room and turned on the radio.

At 7:40 pm, the program on FM ended, and Islam entered her room, adjusting his appearance.

IKLAS asked, “Why are you doing this disguise when you’re on FM?”

He chuckled, “You don’t understand. I don’t want my father to know I am RMD. It’s a market strategy. Changing my voice is what I do.”

Impressed, she said, “You’re really smart.”

Islam advised her, “Take care of yourself, Nawal.”

As she started her morning prayer, the radio began airing a show where lovers shared their joys and sorrows.

IKLAS heard the radio host say, “Hello, listeners! Welcome back to this gathering of joyful lovers. Just like you know my name is RMD, let’s hear from you. We’re opening our hotlines to listen to your stories, my loves.”

Excitedly, she picked up the phone and dialed a number.

“Hello! Hello!! Hello!!!” she hesitated to speak and blinked nervously.

The host, RMD, sighed and said, “As usual, the first caller remains silent.”

IKLAS continued to listen to FM until she eventually fell asleep.

The next morning…

Be with Us

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