In the evening, I went back home as my father had instructed. I reminded him that my mother had sent me to collect some money for her, emphasizing that he shouldn’t change his mind. He asked, “Where is it?” I told him it was at home, and he instructed me to go ahead and get it.

I entered our house, and my mother was there. She raised her voice, clearly unhappy about something. I noticed that the Hindu woman who worked in our house was also present, and she seemed to be upset. They were having an argument, and I quietly observed the situation.

Eventually, I sat down, keeping my head lowered as I tried to stay out of the dispute. To my surprise, my father called me and asked me to bring him some food.

Nadago, the Hindu woman, looked surprised at the food my father requested. She hesitated for a moment and then turned away. I could tell there was something unusual going on.

I went to my father and asked if he needed water to go with his meal. He replied, “You bring the food.” I responded, “Both mine and yours are Hindu,” trying to make light of the situation. He smiled slightly and walked over to a platform.

I followed him to the platform, though I wasn’t particularly eager to eat fish. I preferred dishes like rice and cassava.

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