“Allah is the most exalted King of all,
The purest of all, we humbly heed His call.
We seek safety and protection in His grace,
As we revere His Messenger, Muhammad, with embrace.

Now, there was a king, who possessed
A precious gift that was truly blessed.
In his life, the only absence was one —
The longing for a son, which troubled him under the sun.

This desire, though, did not seem to cease,
And the king prayed to Allah for inner peace.
He yearned for a son, as radiant as the moon’s light,
And through divine grace, his wish took flight.

Allah granted him a son, wise and bright,
Whom the king raised with tender love, day and night.
The boy was joined by wise teachers to impart
Knowledge and wisdom to nurture his young heart.

One day, a woman from the land
Approached the king’s son, making a demand.
Her advances were unwelcome, to his dismay,
And he promptly rejected her in every way.

Outraged, she falsely claimed he threatened her life,
A fabricated story that cut like a knife.
She hurried to the king’s side in great despair,
Seeking justice, and vengeance in the air.

When she told the king her fabricated tale,
His anger flared and logic seemed to fail.
He ordered his ministers to exact a cruel fate —
The execution of his son, sealing his fate.

But the ministers were hesitant to proceed,
Fearing the king’s decision would sow the seed
Of lifelong remorse; their advice was sought.
A prudent solution, they secretly sought.

Their wise minds formed a careful plan,
To change the king’s directive, they began.
They would spare the young prince from his doom,
And save him from an unjust, bitter tomb.

One of the ministers, bold and wise,
Approached the king, to his surprise.
He suggested a parable, which gave the king pause —
One that would divert his dangerous cause.

He told the king of a hypothetical situation,
Where a man with a thousand sons in his nation,
Would not grieve if one were to meet their end,
For the words of a woman, he’d not expend.

As the king heard these words, his heart grew still,
For this man’s wisdom, he found a tranquil thrill.
He questioned if the woman spoke the truth or lies,
Her actions seeming to carry deceit in disguise.

The king, upon reflection, began to doubt,
If this woman’s words were truthful throughout.
The minister’s story and wisdom combined,
Altered the king’s thoughts, and he began to unwind.

As the minister left, the king began to reconsider,
His previous order, finding it bitter.
Could it be true? He doubted the woman’s cry,
And the young prince was spared; his fate had gone awry.

But the woman was not deterred by this turn,
She rushed to the king, her eyes seemed to burn.
Her cries grew louder, and she threatened her end,
Her vengeance she promised, a message to send.

She argued that men are deceitful and cruel,
Their plots and schemes, a daunting, endless fuel.
The king, once again, began to waver,
His convictions shaken; his heart’s doubts became braver.

The king’s determination shifted once more,
All because of the woman’s uproar.
He ordered the young prince to meet his doom,
All because he questioned the woman’s tale and her room.

This pattern continued as days went by,
The woman would repeat her deceptive cry.
The king’s son faced the executioner’s sword,
His fate uncertain, as his life was ignored.

She’d convince the king by weaving her stories,
That men were cruel, plotting for their glories.
And each time she cried and proclaimed her right,
The king would change his mind, day and night.

The seventh time she cried out, the king was enraged,
His patience depleted; he was thoroughly engaged.
He ordered the execution, the prince’s end was near,
His heart heavy, filled with sorrow and fear.

The young prince’s life was taken away,
Manipulated by the woman, led astray.
The king’s son, a victim of her cunning schemes,
Paid the price for her crafty, dark dreams.

And thus, this tale unfolds, a web of deceit and lies,
As the king’s mind was swayed by the woman’s cries.
The woman’s endless stories, filled with strife,
Ultimately led to the young prince’s tragic end, his life.

In the end, seven ministers watched the king’s distress,
As he swayed between choices, causing him distress.
Their initial wisdom, they aimed to employ,
But the woman’s cunning led to a tale of sorrow and woe.”

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