Bulukiya entered the island and roamed its enchanting landscapes, eventually coming across a striking young man. The young man’s countenance shone with an ethereal light, yet tears streamed from his eyes. He sat solemnly between two graves, enveloped in sorrow. Greeting the young man, Bulukiya inquired about his identity and the graves that lay before him.

The young man, still teary-eyed, exchanged greetings and responded, “My story, dear traveler, is both astonishing and melancholic. However, I will not share it until you have also narrated your tale and your purpose on this journey.”

With reverence, Bulukiya settled beside the young man, sharing his own narrative. He recounted the loss of his father, his return home, the reasons behind his current journey, and the bewildering encounters he had experienced thus far. “Only God,” he concluded, “knows what awaits me beyond this point.”

Upon hearing Bulukiya’s story, the young man sighed deeply. Overwhelmed by the account, he implored, “My brother, by God, what I have seen is no less astonishing than what you have witnessed. You see, dear Bulukiya, I have met the emissaries appointed by our revered Prophet Sulaiman during his lifetime. I invite you to stay here with me, that I may recount my own experiences in this place, and the story of these graves before you.”

While Bulukiya had yet to hear the young man’s tale, the narrative was poised to reveal further wonders and mysteries, binding them together on this enigmatic island.

As Hasibu listened intently to the Serpent Queen’s story, he could no longer contain his yearning to return home. He fervently requested that he and the servants be allowed to depart from the cavern and be guided back to the surface. He solemnly vowed that he would no longer seek refuge in a bathroom, opting instead to bathe in his own abode for the rest of his days.

To Hasibu’s surprise, the Serpent Queen Yamlaika adamantly refused to grant his release, dismissing his heartfelt pledge. Overwhelmed with frustration and sorrow, Hasibu wept, and even the snakes shared in his sympathy. The compassionate snakes interceded with their queen, beseeching her to allow one of them to escort Hasibu out of the cavern. They emphasized his solemn oath never to return to the bathroom.

Queen Yamlaika, hearing the earnest pleas of the serpents, relented. She turned to Hasibu and had him swear in his heart that, after leaving her realm, he would never re-enter a bathroom. Once he had made this heartfelt vow, she instructed a colossal snake, larger than a donkey, to safely carry him out of the cavern.

Yet, before departing, Hasibu insisted on hearing the conclusion of the story about the young man whom Bulukiya had encountered on the island, surrounded by the two enigmatic graves. Queen Yamlaika obliged, and the tale continued.

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