Majidu was a wealthy man in the city of Hurasana. His riches included a multitude of male and female slaves, from different backgrounds and ethnicities. However, it wasn’t until he reached the age of sixty that God, the Most High and Exalted, blessed him with the gift of fatherhood. His wife gave birth to a son, and he named him Alisharu.

Alisharu grew up to be a young man of remarkable beauty, with a countenance that shone as brightly as the moon on a clear night. As he reached adulthood, Majidu fell ill, and realizing the gravity of his condition, he called his son to his side.

Addressing Alisharu, he said, “My son, I fear that my time is drawing near. I wish to impart my final wishes to you. Listen carefully and heed my words; they will serve you well even after I am gone.”

With tears in his eyes, Alisharu approached his ailing father and inquired, “Father, what are your final wishes for me?”

Majidu replied, “My son, I want to instill in you the importance of being cautious with people. Do not easily place your trust in others. Steer clear of ill intentions and avoid the company of unscrupulous individuals. Associating with the morally bankrupt is akin to standing near a blacksmith’s forge; even if you escape the flames, the smoke will still suffocate you. Be self-reliant, and refrain from depending on others. This is my first piece of advice.”

Alisharu nodded and said, “I have heard and understood, Father. What else would you have me do?”

His father continued, “Always be kind and compassionate to everyone you meet. Kindness is never wasted, and it should be your guiding principle.”

Alisharu affirmed, “I have heard and accepted this counsel. What else should I know, Father?”

Majidu advised, “Keep the remembrance of Allah in your heart at all times, and He will remember you in your time of need. Be mindful of your wealth, and avoid wastefulness, for squandering your resources will ultimately lead to your own undoing. In today’s world, one’s value is often measured by their wealth, as the saying goes:

When wealth departs, my friend, you’re forgotten.
When wealth returns, my friend, you’re sought after.
A friend may become an enemy, over a meal,
Your enemy could become a friend, if justice is revealed.”

“What’s next?” inquired Alisharu.

Majidu went on to say, “Seek counsel from those older and wiser than you. Do not be led by your own desires when making decisions. Have compassion for yourself, and do not respond to insults with insults. Leave judgment to God, and refrain from consuming alcohol, for it is the root of many misfortunes. These are my final words to you; keep these principles close to your heart, and may God bless you.”

With that, he took a deep breath and slipped into unconsciousness. When he awoke, he uttered the shahada, seeking forgiveness from God. Alisharu wept at the loss of his father and sought divine forgiveness. The community gathered, both young and old, and Majidu was laid to rest in accordance with Islamic traditions, with verses from the Holy Qur’an written at his gravesite.

Alisharu’s heart was heavy with sorrow over the loss of his father, and not long after, he also lost his mother. He honored her memory just as he had his father’s. After the mourning period, he carried on by tending to his father’s business in the market, conducting transactions, and staying true to his father’s wise counsel.

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