A car pulled over and halted in front of a house by the roadside. A young man with long, straight hair, not yet twenty, stepped out of the car.

“Thank you, Rabi’u. We’ll meet at school tomorrow,” he said.

Rabi’u exited the car. “No matter what, I’ll come to you as soon as I can,” he replied.

“Alright, then come,” the young man said before driving off. Hidaya then walked towards the house where her father, Professor Nazifi, was sitting on a mat with a radio nearby. She greeted him respectfully, bowing down to the ground.

“Peace be upon you, Abba inawuni,” she said.

Returning her greeting, her father replied, “Wa’alaikum salam, Hidaya andawo.”

Hidaya entered the house, exchanging pleasantries with her mother. She assured her mother that her studies were going well, despite knowing she wasn’t excelling as much as she desired.

Their conversation was interrupted by a voice from another room. “Let’s see if her commitment to study will pay off. Do you think she’s serious about it?” someone in the other room remarked.

Hidaya’s mother interjected, defending her daughter’s diligence in her studies. “Allah knows best,” she said.

Hidaya’s sister, Karima, rushed in, echoing her mother’s sentiments. Hidaya attempted to interject, but her mother gently silenced her.

As they prepared for bed, Hidaya overheard her mother advising her father about the importance of not letting Hidaya be influenced by negative influences outside the home.

Hidaya whispered a prayer for strength and protection. Her mother and sister, eavesdropping outside, prepared to leave, reaffirming their determination to shield Hidaya from any harmful external influences.

In the morning, Hidaya’s mother brought her some food. She smiled at her, prompting Hidaya to express her gratitude and report on her studies.

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