ANISAH is a strikingly beautiful young woman who garners admiration from men and envy from women. She was born into a privileged family in the town of Gombe, with her father, Alhaji Murtala Bature, being a prominent figure in the community. Originally from Maiduguri, they had relocated to Gombe. ANISAH’s mother, Hajia Suhailat, had passed away a long time ago, shortly after ANISAH’s birth, and may she rest in peace. In light of this loss, Alhaji Murtala had vowed not to remarry and dedicated himself to caring for his beloved daughter, given his busy work schedule.

At the age of seventeen, ANISAH was now in her final year of school, and her dream was to become a nurse. Alhamdulillah, her dream was well on its way to becoming a reality, thanks to her father’s unwavering support.

On this particular morning, ANISAH was lying comfortably in her spacious bed, fast asleep. She stirred as she slowly opened her eyes.

“Nanny, I was still sleeping when you woke me up like that,” ANISAH mumbled, her voice laden with drowsiness.

“Well, you still have schoolwork to complete, and your alarm has been ringing since 6:30, but you keep ignoring it,” Nanny Marwa scolded.

Before Nanny Marwa could finish her sentence, ANISAH pulled the blanket over her head and attempted to go back to sleep. Nanny Marwa, who had cared for ANISAH since she was a child, wasn’t easily deterred.

“Ohhh, back to sleep, huh? Very well, let me go inform your father that you’re not going to school today.”

ANISAH quickly sat up, alarmed. “No, Nanny, please don’t tell him. He’ll be angry with me, and I’m already running late. Besides, even if I go now, they won’t allow me into the school.”

Nanny Marwa shook her head. “You never listen, just like a radio left on. And you know you meant what you said.”

As if to emphasize her point, Nanny Marwa turned to leave the room. However, before she could exit, she turned back to look at ANISAH, only to find her sobbing silently. “Hello, ANISAH.”

ANISAH quickly wiped her tears, her voice quivering. “I’m sorry, Nanny. I was just kidding around.”

Nanny Marwa continued with her work, and ANISAH tried to go back to sleep. Her exhaustion was evident from her prolonged slumber. Suddenly, she felt a gentle touch on her hair.

“Yes, my little ANISAH. It’s been a while.”

“Daddy, I told you not to call me ‘little ANISAH.’ It sounds childish.”

He chuckled. “Well, you’ll have to bear with it because I’m used to it.”

“Alright, I’ll bear with it.”

He kissed her forehead affectionately and left the room. ANISAH then got out of bed, took a quick five-minute shower, and returned to her room to groom herself. As she looked in the mirror, she couldn’t help but admire her own beauty. After dressing up, she checked her phone and decided to call her friend KAUSAR.

“Hello, KAUSAR, get your car and come to our house. Let’s go out for a drive.”

“ANISAH, it seems you’re looking down on me. I have my own plans.”

ANISAH hung up her phone in annoyance and headed to the living room to have a chat with Nanny Marwa.

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