HATSABIBIYAR MACE Complete Document Written By Zaynerb Muhammad kabeer


In a woodland characterized by imposing rocks, lush grass, and widespread trees, interspersed with small ponds, the only sounds breaking the silence were the calls of birds and frogs. The sky remained devoid of any other flying creatures.

My attention was drawn to a fearless woman attempting to enter a vast cave. There was an absence of fear or panic in her demeanor; it appeared she was on a deliberate mission.

To my astonishment, she entered the cave without hesitation. Her voice echoed, accusing a cursed snake and invoking divine blessings while denouncing conspiracy and the drinking of human blood. She continued this chant as she removed her mother’s clothes and panties.

Her cries escalated, accusing a beggar named *HATSABIBBIYA* and warning of impending consequences involving a snake. Amidst her rant, she proclaimed the cursed soul and awaited its arrival.

Amidst disturbing laughter, a strong wind materialized, causing the woman to vanish. I heard she reappeared in a cavernous space shrouded in skin, permeated by an eerie smell and occasional smoke.

Inside, I observed a large insect, prompting the woman to perform a ritual involving its blood. She consumed the concoction, spoke an unfamiliar language, and contorted her body, assuming a peculiar posture.

Alarmed, I uttered prayers as a grotesque figure emerged—a humanoid entity with coal-like mouth, fiery eyes, glass-like teeth, and a cracked, turban-shaped body. Its head, resembling a large stone, boasted disheveled hair, and its elongated penis added to the unsettling image.

To describe the malevolent being further would be a futile exercise; its malevolence was evident, leaving those who witnessed it unwilling to look again.

Remarkably, the woman displayed no fear or panic in the face of this ominous presence. Seating herself by an unattractive black rock, she engaged in conversation with the creature.

The man, possessing an unpleasant voice reminiscent of Kiris, inquired about the situation, mentioning *HATSABIBBIYA*. The woman responded cryptically about the cursed life, inviting the man to observe.

Suddenly, Bokan erupted with loud noises, engaging with Alama. Red smoke emerged, unveiling a woman-like creature, distinct from regular humans. After a brief interaction, the creature vanished.

Returning with a bag of blood, the creature hit it against something, revealing a grand house. Inside, women, including Sha, Awa, and Alama, conversed amiably despite being brides and rivals. The woman, identified as a witch, spoke of disrupting the happiness in the house.

Negotiations ensued, involving the woman providing her hair for some ritual. Threats of violence and coercion were exchanged until the woman reluctantly agreed.

The narrative transitioned to the woman leaving the cave, accompanied by a strong wind. She materialized in a large house, donning worn-out clothes and slippers, hastily departing without removing her shoes.

Approaching a group of women, including brides and rivals, the woman was met with suspicion. She explained her need for help, and despite the oddity of her arrival, the women offered assistance. The husband, visibly nervous, inquired about her purpose, but the women were hesitant to voice their concerns.

Expressing gratitude, the woman engaged in small talk, revealing her reluctance to sleep alone. While the women hesitated to confront her, their unease was palpable as they observed her peculiar presence in their midst.

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