HATSABIBIYA JIDDA Complete Document Written By Jidderh


“May those who misuse water be cursed by God.”

Her mouth remained open as a woman berated Zanchen, declaring, “You are a fool, an absolute fool,” without restraint.

Kutt, remarked the fourteen-year-old girl.

“What did you tell your mother, and what’s your name? Sayde koh, today you’ll face the consequences of your actions with money. Don’t assume your status as my father’s wife exempts you. I may be beautiful, but you’ve insulted me,” she stated, her mouth twisted in disdain.

“Yes, Saude, it’s good for Hauwa; you gave birth to Sahura, and she must be of your blood.”

“Don’t agree with me? We’ll meet again, and I’ll regret insulting you,” she added before leaving the house without glancing at Saude.

Soon, she found herself at Garba’s shop near their house.

Garba, a poor man, had a policy of not accepting debts during the day. However, at night, he would greet you, and if you didn’t leave, he wouldn’t give you any money. This policy led to the demise of many marriages.

Sallama greeted him, asking, “Garba shopkeeper, good afternoon. Are you open for business?”

“Come on, you polite dog. Where did you come from?” Garba retorted.

She laughed, replying, “It was Inna Saude who asked for two bottles of milk, three big biscuits, and two bottles of lemonade.”

Garba, surprised, questioned, “But you didn’t go to the city, did you?”

Dariya Jidderh laughed and explained, “Yes, the young teachers came from Ghazeha.”

“Oh my God, Garba,” she continued, “gather all the items she listed and charge them to her account.”

Not returning home, Jidderh walked for a while, then opened her clothes and went to eat her medicine.

While sitting, a black car pulled up next to her.

She didn’t pay attention, preoccupied with her thoughts about the upcoming wedding.

A guy got out of the car, and though he seemed unsure, he greeted her and asked, “Is this Mlm Kabiru’s house?”

Jidderh inquired, “Mlm, what did you say?”

Seeing the patient in the car, he clarified, “Is Mlm Kabiru’s house nearby? He’s well-known in town, and he came with the patient in the car, please.”

Zunbur stood up, suggesting, “Let’s go and see if everything is okay.”

Surprised, he agreed, saying, “Okay, let’s go.”

At the car’s door, she said, “Open it and see.”

When the door opened, she remarked, “You said it’s fine, but is it a joke? It seems like a clever trick.”

In the car, she said, “Alright,” and Salis drove them away for the second time.

Turning to the car, she stated, “Oga, come out and join us; the car won’t make it through the narrow path.”

Salis apologized, “I’m sorry, Oga Futo just left.”

Walking with the girl, Salis interrupted his thoughts, saying, “Hey, Oga kafuto man.”

The girl laughed evilly, and Oga, not happy, vowed to either arrest her or lose everything.

A motorcycle rider stopped and asked, “Are you okay standing in the sun, servant of God?”

Boldly, Salis replied, “We’re looking for Mlm Kabiru’s house.”

After a brief explanation, the rider helped them transport Oga on his motorcycle to Mlm Kabiru’s house.

In thirty minutes, they arrived, and Mlm Kabiru took care of Oga, expressing sympathy for his condition.

Salis, feeling uneasy, questioned, “Is there a possibility of a prison sentence for him?”

Mlm Kabiru responded, “God willing, we will press charges. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing else to be done.”

Within thirty minutes, Mlm Kabiru attended to Oga, and Salis couldn’t help but wonder if Mlm Kabiru was Jidderh’s father.

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