She said, “I firmly believe that you are mistaken, and you don’t understand the concept of governance. I want to make it clear that when a man holds the reins of a kingdom, there’s virtually nothing he cannot achieve.”

“However,” Marfuza continued, her voice filled with a sense of urgency, “You have gravely embarrassed yourself by demonstrating that you may not be able to meet the requirements I have in mind. You don’t truly comprehend who I am and the extent of my power.”

Marfuza rose to her feet, and the intensity of their exchange was reflected in their synchronized breathing. She added, “What I stated is accurate, and this decision you’ve made, if not swiftly reconsidered, will be a colossal mistake you’ll deeply regret in the future. You still do not understand the true nature of these two individuals: the King of Deception and the Princess of Walisa. I can assure you that everything you take pride in, they possess as well.”

Marfuza’s gaze shifted to Queen Suzaila, who stood nearby, silently observing the unfolding discourse.

This is the tale of what transpired in Durgan City:

Prince Walisu once embarked on a journey to locate the body of Sadaki Hasanul Basari, which had been sold around the world within a week. However, he was unaware of the body’s exact location. One day, as he was strolling, he noticed a ring on his finger, and it was unlike his true character to be startled by such a discovery. Even then, he simply chuckled and remarked, “Since I have yet to encounter Hasanul Basari, this is of little consequence. No matter how insignificant the adversary, I do not underestimate them.”

Throughout his journey, Prince Walisu had encountered only the image of the Walisa princess, as she had remained asleep. Little did he know that his horse had led him to the city of Durgan. Even when he became aware of this fact, he simply laughed it off, stating, “This girl has deluded herself into thinking that her limited magical powers can deter me from my objectives. She has made a grave error in her life. However, I have no desire for enmity in my life. I will not allow Queen Suzaila to prevail over you. Today, I must honor my pledge.”

Prince Walisu had taken it upon himself to embark on a soul-retrieving mission since Walisa was safe, determined to awaken her from the nightmares that plagued her dreams.

As he completed this declaration, he lowered his gaze and began reciting powerful incantations. A white light emanated from his eyes and ascended into the air, dispersing like a fleeting memory.

Within moments, this radiant light reached Durgan City and entered the prison, penetrating the very room where the princess was held captive. The light entered her chest and coursed through her entire body, jolting her awake. The princess found herself bound by chains within the prison, her sudden awakening accompanied by a harrowing scream.

Desperate to free herself, she struggled to loosen the chains, but it felt as though her very nerves had been immobilized. Even her hands were unresponsive. Attempts to employ her magical abilities to break the chains proved futile, as her tongue seemed bound, preventing her from uttering a single incantation.

Overwhelmed with frustration, the princess could only fathom that her journey had led her to this prison while she slept on her horse. What troubled her most was her unfamiliar surroundings and the enigmatic entity that had transported her to this place.

Her musings were interrupted when a radiant light entered her chamber, taking on the visage of her brother, Prince Walisu. He explained the nature of the light with a sinister laugh, his presence audibly evident.

To the bewilderment of the other prisoners and servants in the prison, Prince Walisu, seemingly unfazed, conversed with the princess. Yet, they were unaware of the nature of their interaction.

However, a sudden shift in Prince Walisu’s demeanor, marked by a foreboding expression, prompted him to summon a guard. He admonished the guard, saying, “Do you truly believe that your limited magical abilities can match mine? You do not comprehend who I am or the depths of my life’s journey. I am a soothsayer and sorcerer without equal, possessing wisdom and power unrivaled for over two millennia. I am revered, worshiped, and have seen death itself long before encountering mere mortals. How can you, a mere pawn of a petty queen, hope to challenge me?”

Before he could finish his diatribe, the princess interjected with a sharp cough, silencing him. She retorted, “You speak falsehoods. By claiming to be ageless, you only reveal your eternal arrogance. Your life’s greatest error is assuming that there are no others as remarkable as you. Hasanul Basari once defeated you, and I am here to tell you that you have underestimated me gravely. You are ensnared by a mere queen’s trickery.”

Before Prince Walisu could respond, she urged, “You would do well to depart from this body immediately.”

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