Malam Rabi’u Shema is blessed with the ancestral blood of the natives, originating from Dutsamma local government area in Katsina state, specifically in a village named Shema. Both his maternal and paternal families hail from this region. His journey began with business interests, leading him to Kano town.

As time passed, Mr. Rabi’u’s residence evolved into a family home, spacious enough to accommodate his three sons and their families. His blessings extended to grandchildren from various corners of the world, including his wife Marwa, who married in Dutsamma.

None of Malam Rabi’u’s descendants pursued secular education extensively, but they acquired a substantial religious education. His eldest son, Hamza, first married Ruayya, but after a while, he married Suwaiba. Ruayya lived with Hamza, in a separate section of the house, during which time she bore him a daughter named Maryam. However, three years into the marriage, Hamza contemplated divorce.

Ruayya’s heart was set on Hamza, and her parents objected to the divorce. Frustrated and still in love with Suwaiba, Hamza confided in Shema’s family. Ruayya’s father came to Kano to counsel Ruayya, while Hamza’s parents expressed regret and encouraged him to follow his heart. Unable to reconcile their differences, Hamza eventually married Suwaiba.

Suwaiba’s parents originally came from Dawanau but were residing in Kano town. Despite some family members’ disapproval, Suwaiba remained calm and obedient. She continued to display a warm heart towards Maryam, who had lost her mother. Maryam was particularly attached to Suwaiba, who treated her as her own.

Ruayya initially kept her distance but, over time, she and Suwaiba became pregnant simultaneously. Ruayya gave birth to a daughter named Rahama, while Suwaiba had a son named Ahmad. Ahmad’s aloof demeanor puzzled Suwaiba, but she continued to love him deeply. Ruayya began focusing on Rahama, and they grew up together.

Maryam, despite being Ruayya’s daughter, developed a close bond with Suwaiba, who treated her like her own child. The children grew up intelligent and close-knit.

As Ruayya became pregnant again before Suwaiba, she gave birth to a girl named Sakina. Ahmad was overjoyed with the new addition. A month later, Suwaiba also gave birth to a daughter, whom they named Raheenat.

The family continued to grow, with each child’s name starting with “A.” Ruayya became known as Ayyah, Suwaiba as Gwaggo, and Maryam maintained her special bond with Suwaiba.

Their household was filled with joy, as the blessings of Allah enriched the family’s life.

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