GIDAN SARAUTA Complete Document Written By Autar Mami


Bauchi State is a place that brings together people from different economic backgrounds. The majority of the population in Bauchi are poor, but they are rich in agricultural produce.

Rilwanu Suleiman, the king of Bauchi, is known for his compassion towards the poor and his contributions to the community. King Rilwanu has one wife and five children – two sons and three daughters. Azeel, the eldest brother, is studying pharmacology in England and is about to graduate as a medical expert. The second son, Aseel, is attending a military school in Abuja with aspirations of becoming an international soldier.

In the royal household, there is tension surrounding Noor. A young person is expressing concerns about Aunt Hadiza not allowing them to take Noor. The speaker appeals to Mommy, who is sitting on Hadiza’s royal chair, to take care of them. There seems to be a family dispute, with accusations of being the firstborn and claims that Noor won’t marry due to family dynamics.

In England, a person describes encountering Doctor Azeel, who is tall and carries an air of royal blood. Doctor Azeel is informed about an emergency involving a girl named Maria, but he dismisses it, causing some tension.

The voucher section describes a neighborhood in poor condition. There’s a conversation about fetching water for cooking, and a girl expresses frustration with her father, claiming she has no father. The narrative shifts to a security guard named Mallam Ibrahim, who is described as a devout man.

The last section portrays a family dynamic where a girl is upset about something Miki did. There’s mention of a countryside trip, and the girl refuses to eat, hums, and eats directly from the pot. The town is quiet, but the girl’s mother wakes up abruptly and starts cooking pasta with beans in the kitchen. The story ends with the girl widening her eyes in surprise.

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