GIDAN MULKI Complete Document Written By Asmeetar Haidar



In the heat of passion, he pushed her onto the bed, fumbling for the door key with a smirk on his face, seemingly void of laughter since the dawn of time. “How dare you? Do I appear to be your type? By the way, you know you’ve touched my body.”

Her words fueled Muby’s anger, his face turning a deeper shade of red. He grabbed the hair at the back of her head, silenced her protests, and forcefully controlled her mouth with a sinister determination. As she struggled, attempting to free herself, he tore at her veil. Afnan fought back, but his strength rendered her helpless. In a fit of rage, he discarded the veil and adorned her in a black nightgown, reveling in his wicked satisfaction.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, oh God, Fulani!”

His sinister smile illuminated the room as he whispered in her ear, “Today, Fulani won’t save you. You brought this upon yourself; you couldn’t stay where you landed. You are shameless, aren’t you?”

Ignoring her, he threw her onto the bed and callously continued his actions. Afnan, realizing Muby’s disregard for her pleas, threatened, “You’ll pay for this. I’ll ensure you rot in prison, and remorse will haunt you endlessly. By God, you’ll regret crossing me.”

Unmoved, Muby continued his assault, tearing her clothes asunder. Afnan, devoid of remorse, refused to shed tears. In her eyes, any display of weakness would only fuel his disrespect.

Her screams reached the ears of her maids downstairs, prompting them to rush to her aid. Fearful of Muby’s wrath, they hesitated, torn between opening the door and facing severe punishment or failing to rescue Princess Afnan.

Upon seeing her body, Muby was taken aback, surprised by her slender figure beneath the luxurious garments. Despite her trembling body, Afnan resisted his advances, vowing not to let him see her break down.

As the commotion continued, an old man, adorned in opulence, appeared at the entrance. He commanded the maids to step aside and entered the room, witnessing the aftermath of Muby’s actions.

The old man, with a saddened expression, remarked, “You’ve forsaken your dignity for fleeting desires. Reflect on your actions and swallow your pride before indulging in what you currently lack.”

In response, Muby apologized, acknowledging his momentary lapse in judgment. He bowed, seeking forgiveness from the elderly figure.

“Indeed, you found me in a vulnerable state,” he admitted.

“Apologies accepted. Now, go shower and come out safely,” the elder instructed, leaving the room.

Meanwhile, Afnan stormed out of the grand parlor, adorned with royal splendor, leaving behind a display of wealth guarded by maids. Her maids trailed her, collecting the discarded attire. Outside, a convoy of luxurious vehicles awaited her, and she entered a Lexus, surrounded by other opulent cars.

Afnan, displaying both pride and disdain, left the grand estate as an algaita sounded. The town’s main hotel became their destination, where Afnan ascended the steps with an air of authority. She greeted the Fulanis in a low voice, expressing her awareness of their predicament.

Fulani responded with suspicion but ultimately welcomed her. An altercation ensued between Afnan and a young woman named Halima, escalating to the point where Afnan asserted her superiority. The confrontation attracted the attention of Husna and others, leading to Afnan’s revelation of visiting Prince Muby’s house.

This revelation shocked the assembly, and Afnan faced criticism for her actions. The situation escalated further, prompting her to leave the room in a regal manner, leaving a divided group behind.

In her room, Afnan felt the need to cleanse herself after the encounter with Prince Muby. Reflecting on her own beauty, she prepared to rejoin the gathering, adorned in a princess-like dress and exuding the fragrance of expensive perfume.

At the hotel’s lobby, she encountered the disapproving gaze of her majesty and Husna. Unfazed, she expressed her dissatisfaction with the time spent, realizing her father might not approve of her delay for shopping.

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