GADAR ZARE  Complete Document Written By Hauwa A Usman


The bustling streets were filled with people, their attention captivated by the parade of luxurious cars passing by. Onlookers, from children to adults and even married women, peered through their house roofs or glanced at their phones, marveling at the kilometers, the expensive cars – Range Rovers, Hummers, Jeeps, Benzes – engaged in a lively conversation. Plainclothes policemen, known as SS, and robust soldiers, along with special security personnel, surrounded these extravagant vehicles, each bearing the insignia of *SIX STARS COMPANIES.*

Curiosity lingered in the air, prompting the question, “Do you know who owns these cars?” Some were not local landowners, and a few weren’t even from Nigeria. Yet, to the surprise of many, the townspeople held an extraordinary affection for them, surpassing even their love for the president.

These individuals, gifted and respected, were characterized by their humility. Only those fortunate enough to catch a glimpse from a distance could witness them in their lineup of attention-grabbing cars. The cars rarely stopped anywhere other than the company’s parking lot, and their drivers moved swiftly. When the doors opened, policemen and soldiers halted them, holding their position for about ten minutes before the occupants disembarked, standing proudly.

A wave of joy spread across everyone’s faces as they walked together, receiving greetings from the hundreds of people lining their path. Upon reaching the company’s headquarters, each office bore the name of its owner: Naseer, Abdul, Zaid, Ammar, Khamal, and Fahad. The owners, aged between 38 and 40, were known for their close-knit relationships, both among themselves and their families.

Naseer, a man of few words, was characterized by his fair complexion and handsome features. Khamal, embodying Fulatani roots, was a striking black beauty known for his eloquence. Abdul, tall and fair with a beard, and Ammar, well-mannered and reserved, completed the ensemble. Zaid, proud and articulate, and Fahad, a wise and forgiving leader, added diversity to the group.

Married with children, these young and successful men were renowned for their patience, intelligence, and knowledge. Despite individual differences, each one evoked admiration, creating a sense of awe and appreciation among those who encountered them.

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