Visitor: “Assalamu Alaikum, where is the lady of the house? I know she usually comes out to talk about money matters, but every time, a girl who is in debt herself comes with a smile to discuss our business.”

Wife (coming out of the room): “Adda Bena! Hello, please have a seat. I am just a humble servant; I don’t have any money.” (She smiles) “May God forgive me. You’ll have it soon, God willing. Bye bye, sir. It’s been two days; that’s why there hasn’t been any business.”

Visitor: “What’s the matter? I’ve only been going around for a week to collect it. God bless you.” (Adda Bena leaves and returns.)

Wife: “Mr. Miemi, may I ask what you do in your kitchen every day? I could smell something delightful.”

Miemi: “I use the mugs you’re selling, and I’ve been standing and cooking slowly.”

Miemi understands Adda Bena’s situation and says, “You know, Adda’s servant is on the way. I know you’re worried.”

Visitor: “Hey, man, you’ve arrived as if you’re famished.”

Wife: “Yes, God has made it so.” (She leaves to check on the food.)

Later, Kabeer goes to sleep and his wife greets him:

Wife (laughing): “Oh my God, you’ve been sleeping for quite a while now.”

Kabeer: “I was just getting some rest. From where?”

Wife: “Before you say anything, please let her take a shower first.”

Kabeer: “Alright, except for the hot water.”

This version provides a more coherent and understandable conversation between the characters.

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