FULANIN DAJI BOOK 2 Complete Document Written By B Aleeyu


Ahmed turned to greet her, but she waved him off, saying, “Go away, why don’t you throw it out?” As she spoke, the phone rang, and she picked it up. It was a nurse calling to inform her that the person she was trying to reach was not available.

“I’ll try giving him a call. What should I tell him?” Joda asked. “I’ll say I have a cold and a fever,” the nurse replied. “Alright, I’ll let him know. May God make it easy,” Joda responded before hanging up the phone and lying down.

Bargo, noticing her distress, said, “What’s wrong, Joda?” Joda replied, “I have a cold and a fever.” Gwaggo, covering her head, retorted, “Why are you always crying like a chicken?”

“What about the water?” Joda questioned. “I’ve been waiting. The goose is in the middle and can’t be separated from the bride,” Joda said with a smile. “I’ll get you a flower if there’s one,” Gwaggo offered. “Are you looking for flowers?” she asked. “Yes,” Joda replied. “It’s like the evening has arrived,” Gwaggo commented.

Waggo entered the kitchen with Hasana. All the tasks that Gwaggo was meant to do were handled by Hasana. They poured water into the pan, added flour, and started to boil it. They mixed the flour with the breast, filled a plastic container, and placed it in the fridge. Joda expressed her happiness, feeling as though a man wearing a hijab was looking through the window and smiling. “Doctor, are you coming? The medicine is not effective,” Joda whispered.

The nurse stopped and looked at her, saying, “Someone in the hospital doesn’t wear face masks and always wears glasses.” “Yes, that’s me,” the doctor replied. Joda touched her mouth, feeling upset and tearful. She remained silent, and the medication was administered in six doses. The doctor didn’t say anything, only smiling before bidding Gwaggo goodbye.

As the doctor left, Abdallah arrived. He didn’t say much, but Joda remarked, “You have a fever and the flu.” Quickly shutting her eyes, she smiled at her baby and gave her a tender gaze. Abdallah headed to Soshe2, prompting Gwaggo to inquire, “Where were you today? I thought you’d be here in the afternoon. Why did you come to our room?” Abdallah responded, “No, Mom, I’m sorry. I love her. That’s why I’m here.”

Gwaggo nodded and said, “If you truly love her, give it a week. But if you don’t want this life, I’ll arrange your marriage with your father’s consent. Yes, I might give you a slap on the face, but my love is blind until Joda looks me in the eyes and says, ‘I love you so much.'”

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