FULANIN DAJI BOOK 1 Complete Document Written By Rukayya Abubakar


Joda! Joda! Joda! he called out, “Where are you?”

“I’m coming, Bankara. They have no decorations today. I heard the Bunni people are putting up some exquisite decorations,” Gwaggo replied.

“You’re not foolish. Come back and be firm. You keep running around. Open your mouth and let it out. Be assertive. Though you’re a girl, your voice should be heard. Your actions should be noticed,” Gwaggo playfully scolded her. Her demeanor exuded confidence despite the simplicity of her attire and belongings, which included an old box.

Placing her hands on her hips, she sauntered over, raising her eyebrows as she looked at me and said, “Did you hear me talking in there? Go back to the door and join the frenzy.”

Gwaggo chuckled as he walked by, his towering figure contrasting with the young girl’s petite frame. She watched as Tajuyo approached, her eyes fixed on the owl, touching its feathers gently. Understanding the unspoken communication, the owl beamed, “May God protect your journey. We await your return.”

With the grace of a thousand gazelles, the young girl swayed playfully, sending the birds into a frenzy. They chirped merrily, as if cheering her on for her upcoming adventure that evening.

As she left the house, her laughter echoed in the air. Refusing to be hindered by the playful banter, she bid her farewell and leisurely made her way towards the home of the owner.

Shimfida came over, presenting her with a cold drink and a fruit. She graciously accepted the offering, glancing at him and blessing him, “May God bless you.” Bowing her head, she added, “Amen. May you be granted the highest place in paradise. Amen.”

Before she departed for the market, the owl cautioned her, “If you hear any rumors, avoid Jan Fada. He has a reputation for stealing. Let’s speak to her and say a prayer.”

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