DUBU JIKAR MAI CARBI Complete Document Written By Ameera Adam


The house in Dangwauro, a small village in Kano Valley, is a large family home that accommodates about twelve people. It is the residence of Malam Muhammadu, known for his long Carbi, a famous landmark in the town. The house is often referred to as the “house of many children” due to its numerous inhabitants, which include grandparents, children, and grandchildren.

The recent passing of the elder in the family, Mai Long Carbi, has filled the house with mourners and visitors paying their respects. The tradition of Malam Bahausei dictates that people express their grief through complaints and crying, and this was evident during the prayers held for the departed.

Hali, one of the family members, was deeply affected by the loss. Though she cried profusely, she noticed that others seemed less concerned and did not comfort her. Feeling neglected, she attempted various ways to attract their attention. Later, she found solace in the attic but was startled by a noise and rushed back inside. The commotion drew the attention of others, and they questioned her about what happened.

As the crowd grew, Baba Munkaila arrived and scolded Hali for causing a disturbance. However, Hali seemed to be pointing towards the door, indicating something strange. The crowd looked and started crying, exclaiming that they saw a ghost named Baffa. Hali grieved for Baffa’s loss, causing confusion among the mourners.

In response to the situation, Baba Munkaila tried to discipline Hali by using a whip, but she quickly ran back into the house. Yaya Babba, another family member, cried and showed her displeasure at the turn of events.

Hali, who was often mischievous, had a history of devising strategies to get the house to herself. She would plan to drive the other family members away and enjoy the space alone. The family had always been large, but Baffa used to keep them together. Now, Hali saw an opportunity to have her way and smiled at the thought.

As night fell, Hali secretly gathered her belongings, preparing to act on her plan. The house, once bustling with people, was about to see a significant change as Hali set her scheme in motion.

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