She lay on the bed beneath a cozy blanket, peacefully asleep. Asma’u recounted a vivid dream where an elegant woman, at least 45 years old, had entered her room. In a drowsy voice, she mumbled, “Umma, please grant me just five more minutes.” Umma, with a warm smile, replied, “You’ve already spoken for five minutes, my dear. It’s just the two of us here. Don’t be late for school.” Asma’u remained still, offering no response. Seeing this, Umma left the room, saying, “I’ll go wake up Khadeeja,” as she exited.

After approximately ten minutes, Asma’u ventured into the kitchen and discovered Umma counting money. This young woman, who appeared to be no older than 20, was dressed for a competition and exuded a cheerful demeanor. She loved people, and nothing seemed to dampen her spirits.

In another scene, a man emerged from a bath, a towel around his waist and another wrapped around his head as he brushed his hair. His phone rang, but he paid little attention to it, too engrossed in his grooming routine. He briefly answered the call with a casual greeting before continuing with his preparations. Soon, he descended a staircase in a grand house, marveling at its vastness—over 30 rooms on the lower floor, two staircases, and numerous rooms above.

As he reached the lower level, he found it empty, save for some workers guiding him to another part of the house. Shiva, a kind elderly woman, sat on the hall’s carpet, enjoying her meal. He greeted her and sat down beside her, inquiring about her well-being. She responded positively and mentioned her preference for the hall over the dining room. He smiled and proceeded to serve himself from the dining room.

ABID, a tall and handsome man with a medium build, began to eat. A young woman, likely no older than 22, entered the living room and greeted the grandmother, but received no acknowledgment. She removed her shoes, sat in a chair, and greeted ABID with a cheerful “good morning.” He smiled and responded, “Good morning, KANWATA. Did you wake up?” She playfully teased, “How can I promise that?” and continued the banter.

Shifting her attention to Shiva, she asked, “How can we impress Granny?” ABID remarked that she needed to show more respect to the grandmother. Sarah defended herself, saying that she had greeted her upon arrival but received no response. Shiva intervened, urging them to bid her goodbye properly and respect her in their own home.

ABID left abruptly, frustrated with the situation. SARAH pondered whether Shiva was oblivious to her efforts or if the house’s food was simply irresistible. ABID bid his farewell, headed to his car, and drove off, with one of them joining him in the white yanufa vehicle, followed by another car.

Asma’u woke up in the kitchen alone and went to check on Umma. Khadeeja’s name was called, but she remained asleep. Asma’u gently sat on her bed, trying to wake her up with a smile and sunlight streaming through the curtains. She fetched cold water to rouse Khadeeja, who was still in a deep slumber, her snores filling the room. Asma’u chuckled and proceeded to wake up the household’s servants.

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