DOCTOR EESHA Complete Document Written By J hajara


She strolled leisurely, seemingly unfazed by any potential danger. Even when the city faced the threat of a strong wind mixed with dust, she continued to walk calmly, as if nothing was amiss.

Not far ahead, a black beauty caught her attention. Turning around, she called out, “Essha, Essha!” in urgency. “Hurry up, I’m going to kill you. We might lose Nepep. How’s he doing?” But who exactly was Essha? Without looking up, she just smiled.

A soft voice chimed in, “Hey, his bestie, don’t leave, he has to come to me.” Referring to Essha as his bestie, she approached, turned her head, and remarked, “Oh my God, Essha, you’re cursing me.” Essha replied with a smile, “Okay, I’m hurrying to get home.”

As they walked on the road, they encountered Nepep. Bestie suggested, “Mai Nepep Bukar Ari’i, let’s go to Yumaco.” Mai Nepep agreed, and they entered. Conversations revolved around the party they had attended, with Essha joking about killing the bestie. Bestie playfully retorted, “You really despise me, and you say you’ll respect me.” Mai Nepep thanked everyone.

Upon leaving, Essha shared, “Well, my bestie Saina joined us later, clapping and smiling. I wish you were quiet like that yesterday. Please forgive me. I stayed on the phone with Khalid until I fell asleep. I heard Khalid is sad because he intends to marry.” Bestie reassured her, “Now you’re not sure if you’re my bestie.” Essha replied, “God has chosen the best for us. Ameen,” and went home.

Later, Essha greeted her sister, Amir, with “Assalamualaikum.” Amir replied, “Peace be upon you.” Essha inquired about their mother’s whereabouts, and Amir informed her that she was in the kitchen, preparing food for their father who was fasting. Essha went to find her mother and apologized for not calling her properly. Her mother teased her, and Essha asked if their father had returned. Amir explained that they had gone out with Khairat to the chemist.

She then entered the kitchen, and her mother playfully scolded her. Essha shared the news about the meeting and the joy of the bride. Her mother, unimpressed, instructed her to change and join them for dinner. As they finished dinner, the call to the Maghrib prayer began.

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