DIYANA Complete Document Written By Mom Islam



In an area reminiscent of Europe, where opulent houses and prosperous residents abounded, one standout residence stood prominently. This magnificent house, built by skilled craftsmen, reflected its owner’s wealth and prestige. Alhaji Sani, known as Alherin Allah, was a prominent and successful businessman with ventures spanning across various countries and industries. His numerous companies and array of cars exemplified his affluence.

Beside the house stood the guard’s quarters, while beautiful flowers adorned the north and south sides. Graceful peacocks roamed the garden. Inside the grand hall, often referred to as a paradise on earth, the family of the house gathered. Among them sat a white woman and two young girls resembling her, but the girls soon excused themselves.

One girl, Diana, looked at her mother with a questioning gaze and asked, “Mom, I don’t want to stay the night here. Why hasn’t dad come out yet?” Her friend, Afreeda, joined in, expressing her reluctance due to the village’s mosquito-infested and unclean conditions. Diana told Afreeda to be quiet and listen for the sound of her father’s approach.

When he finally entered the room, Alhaji Sani appeared pale and weary from work. Diana’s mother looked at him with a smile. He addressed his family, “Well, I’m here. I was waiting for you.” Diana exchanged a glance with her mother and playfully kicked her feet, causing Afreeda to laugh.

Diana believed Afreeda could endure the village’s challenges, but she herself wasn’t sympathetic. Alhaji Sani left again, not one to engage in conversation like his wife.

After his departure, Afreeda prepared her handbag and shopping bag, adorned with recognizable symbols. Diana’s mother stood and approached the center of the room, later emerging with a bag containing a baby’s bed. She handed it to Diana, who opened it to find expensive creams, shoes, clothes, and perfumes. Diana questioned, “Mom, who will you give all these clothes to? Will you give them to Grandma?” Her mother nodded in response.

Diana and Afreeda set out on their journey together. Observers would think they were the children of royalty based on their demeanor and destination. Diana’s countenance remained somber due to her father’s phone conversation. Afreeda sympathized, saying, “Aunty Diana, you’re bound to these village people.”

Diana lifted her head and retorted, “I’m bound to all three of you, aren’t I?” Afreeda engaged her in conversation.

Alhaji Sani was seated in the rear, while Afreeda took the front seat. Diana attempted to sit beside her father, who didn’t prevent her from observing his eyeglasses’ inscription. Resting her head against the seat, she blinked. The driver entered, and they embarked on the journey towards the village.


Shafa Village was characterized by haphazardly constructed houses and a diverse population. The majority of houses had roofs but lacked walls.

Diana’s sleep was interrupted by a pleasant sensation. Unaware of their entry into the village, she suddenly found herself on a bumpy road. The vehicle approached a particular area, arousing her fear. Her attention was drawn to the village, and she began to make supplications, but she didn’t touch her hair. Alhaji Sani’s voice reassured her that they had arrived.

Diana emerged from the car to perform her prayers. The village environment made her uneasy, and she didn’t dare touch her hair. Alhaji Sani informed her they would be staying for five days. The call to prayer echoed, and Diana turned to look at her father, who was collecting his phones from the car seat. She asked, “Have we arrived?” Her father confirmed with a smile, “Yes, my daughter. Today, you’ll see your grandmother.”

Exiting the car, they were greeted by the voice of an old woman. Diana opened her eyes to see who it was. The elderly lady was eating nuts, draped in simple clothing. Alhaji Sani exchanged greetings with her, and Diana found herself unsure about entering.

The central area of the house had a concrete floor, though it was worn and broken. Despite this, Diana touched her face in disbelief. As the family settled onto the floor with their belongings, a young girl named Hajiya extended a hand to Diana. Hajiya’s voice broke the silence, “Alhaji, where have you been?”

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