**In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.**

The Supreme Court in Kaduna was eerily silent, drowned out by the poignant cries of a woman. It seemed as if her heart was pouring out in that courtroom, as she took a deep breath, unburdening herself. She hesitated for a moment before turning to Alqali and uttered, “My husband, let me go.” 

From that point on, she didn’t say anything else. Her gaze remained fixed on the judge, her eyes filled with confusion, far from the look one would expect from a wife. Her demeanor suggested that she might not be in her right state of mind, as her actions were far from rational. What she did seemed to have taken the breath out of the judge.

The judge spoke slowly, “With the grace of God, could you please explain why you’re seeking a divorce from your husband?” She forced a painful smile, then lowered her gaze. She noticed the judge’s sympathetic yet puzzled expression and glanced at her husband, who stood there as though frozen in time, their eyes locked in a silent exchange. She slowly raised her eyes and gave him a helpless look. “Because I despise him,” she uttered, her voice trembling. Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead, and the judge was taken aback by her words. He removed a towel to wipe his own perspiration, placed it back, and asked cautiously, “Is that the reason? You hate your husband?” The judge’s questioning seemed to bother her, as she sensed he was trying to dig deeper into her case.

“I simply hate him, and I cannot continue this marriage,” she responded. Her words sent shockwaves through the courtroom. The judge asked, “Has your husband done anything to harm you? Is that why you hate him?” She replied, “No, my husband has never harmed me. He’s calm, thanks to our family.”

Alqali scrutinized her closely, then glanced at her husband, who was now drenched in sweat, his body shivering from the tension. “Your wife is requesting a divorce certificate from you. Are you willing to provide her with one?” Alqali inquired, while she glared at her husband with pure disdain in her eyes.

He replied sorrowfully, “Because I love her. I love my wife.” Alqali sighed, made some notes, and then said, “Please be sure of what you’re saying.” The husband nodded and added, “I truly love my wife, and I don’t think I can divorce her.” The judge was taken aback, uncertain about how to proceed with this complicated case between the couple.

“Why do you still love her, even after she’s stated that she doesn’t love you and that she hates you?” Alqali questioned, using the words the husband despised—his wife hating him. He gazed at her without blinking and answered, “We’ve been apart for a long time, so she may have said she doesn’t love me anymore. She claims to not hate me, but then there’s our family.” The people in the courtroom were perplexed by his words, wondering why family played such a pivotal role in her decision.

The judge, grappling with the situation, addressed her directly. “If your husband loves you and requests for you to reconsider your decision, would you withdraw your petition?” Tears welled up in her eyes as she hesitated and finally said, “I am confused.” The judge observed her for a moment, then removed his glasses and stated, “Today is Tuesday, July 5, 2022. Tomorrow, on August 5, 2022, slightly before this time, the court will reconvene. I urge the couple to try to resolve their differences before then.”

With a strike of his gavel, the court adjourned, and people began to leave. Speculation ran rampant in the aftermath. Some believed the woman to be heartless for divorcing her loving husband, while others suspected she had her own compelling reasons for seeking a divorce.

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