DAN MACE Complete Document Written By Hauwa Usman


As she sat in her position, casting a profound silence that penetrated the hearts of those around her, she made no attempt to move again. No one could ascertain whether she was alive or not. Had she fainted, or had she succumbed to something more sinister? The girl, with her head bowed between her thighs, exuded a restlessness and disturbance that, upon closer inspection, hinted at a serious condition. Metal chains bound her hands and feet, revealing the gravity of her situation. The room’s environment and structure, however, did not resemble a torture chamber, let alone a prison or guardroom.

The spacious room, measuring at least 30 square meters, held only her presence. An old traditional iron bed known as “Mahadi ka tura” stood in one corner, alongside a mid-sized wooden table and a chair. Long curtains with soft light adorned the windows and the room’s entrance. The girl remained in a prolonged, hunched position, making it challenging to discern her identity—whether she was a young girl, a virgin, an old lady, a married woman, or a widow.

In another scene, a man entered the house with a calm pace, his face bowed, and his gaze fixed on the ground. Despite his apparent youth, his well-built body suggested a maturity beyond his years. Dressed in summer fashion with a hooded sleeveless garment, he moved deliberately through the house, eventually reaching the room where the woman sat.

Gently pulling back his hood, he approached her and placed a trembling hand on her shoulder. With a worried expression, he implored, *”LOLLY..!* Excuse me, and tell me now… Please?”

The silence lingered briefly before he spoke again with a voice filled with pity. “Please, Lolly, you have to look at me. I am growing older, and I need to know… why won’t you tell me?”

Her silence persisted as he continued to express his longing for information about his father. Frustration building, he eventually withdrew his hand and turned away, lamenting the unanswered questions about his father’s whereabouts. Despite his plea for answers, the woman remained stoic, prompting him to declare that he would cease asking, accepting the burden of not knowing.

As he prepared to leave in frustration, he noticed the woman standing with a worried expression. A mix of emotions filled the room, revealing the complexity of their relationship and the unspoken barriers preventing him from seeking answers alone.

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