DALIBINA Complete Document Written By Halima Auwal and Aunty Ruky


He is preparing himself to head to school, reclining in a sedan for reasons of his own.

“Mom,” he said when he alighted from her car earlier that day, “something feels off today. I had a fight in the middle of the night, at 6:30 am. I don’t know if the security guard noticed. I have some homework that’s been bothering me, and that’s why the fight happened. It occurred in the evening. I’m feeling lost without my father, Mom. Where are you going, by the way?”

His mother looked at him and replied, “Hmm, be careful with yourself. It’s okay to struggle with homework; it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you.” She continued, “God has made you perfectly capable.”


Kamal parked his car at the gate, looking exhausted as though he had just transported a patient to the hospital and was waiting for the doctor to come out. He spent an hour cleaning his car and felt tired by 7:30 am. As he glanced around, he saw a woman in a black abaya and white hijab. Though her face might not be conventionally beautiful, her allure seemed to radiate from within. She struggled to adjust her clothing, revealing her graceful hips.

Impressed, Kamal whispered, “Masha Allah,” and noticed her shoulder-length white hijab that concealed her back and protected her modesty. No teacher or staff in their uniforms paid her any special attention; she seemed like a motherly figure to them. Kamal spoke confidently, but the woman seemed distant and not in a good mood that day.

“Good morning,” he greeted her.

She responded with a simple “morning” and looked at her watch. Kamal decided to ask her for help with a topic he didn’t understand from the previous day. She listened patiently and then advised him on the matter.

Before leaving, Kamal couldn’t resist commenting, “You are the only one who calls her…” But the sentence was left unfinished.

[12/6, 8:05 PM] Haleema Awwal ????: [12/6, 8:05 PM] Haleema Awwal ????: [12/6, 8:05 PM] Haleema Awwal ????: ???????? **MY STUDENT** 2

She went further and entered the female teachers’ office. Teachers started arriving after receiving a message. The day seemed to pass without any further significant interactions.


Abdul noticed Kamal’s interaction with a woman and teased him about melting in the cold morning. He mentioned Bash, who seemed to be missing for the past ten years, warning Kamal not to fall for her. Later, they had a conversation with some classmates.


In class *SS 3A*, the students were creating a ruckus with boys and girls in different groups. Kamal appeared lost, and Bash inquired about his well-being.

[12/6, 8:16 PM] Haleema Awwal ????: ^°=^°=^°=^°=°^=°^°°=^=

When the class started, everyone settled down in their seats. Bash seemed eager to learn and paid attention, although her heart carried a sign of unease. Kamal tried to maintain eye contact with her, but he couldn’t fully focus. Despite their glances, their minds wandered elsewhere.

When the class ended, Bash left quietly.


Kamal stood up and suggested going for breakfast. Abdul had already left, and Kamal wondered why he didn’t want to join them.


In *MADAM YUSRA’S OFFICE*, Kamal noticed something written on top of the building.


Be with Us

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