*Food was brought for those preparing the bride. It included a specially prepared sauce along with a special dish. There was also a saucepan of hot soup, as well as various snacks and fruits. All of this was presented to them.*


*Hello Meelat, who welcomed them with a smile. Meelat, the daughter of Najeeb, married the sons of the same family. They all lived in Abuja. Furthermore, Sema also married Moha.*


*Just as Moha and Najeeb arrived, Meelat and Seemarh arrived as well. They all had a lot in common, including pursuing the same course in Turkey – B.S.C. NURSING. And one day, they got married.*


*Meelat offered them food, and then Zubaida followed suit. Zulaihat also served them, and they all greeted the guests warmly. They seemed to enjoy the food, with smiles all around. Zubaida, however, noticed that Zulaihat seemed reluctant to eat, as she kept glancing at everyone but couldn’t seem to start eating.*


*Zubaida noticed her uneasy movements, which indicated that something was amiss. She was concerned about what was bothering Zulaihat, as she appeared to be lost in thought.*


*Zulaihat looked at the guests but couldn’t seem to eat; she was merely pushing her food around her plate, lost in her own world. She knew she had to eat, but it seemed impossible given her current state.*


*Frustration began to well up inside her, and she said in her heart, “I can do this. I will gather the strength to face it. Najeeb, I will show you that I can handle anything life throws our way.”*


*Najeeb and the others didn’t notice Zulaihat’s internal struggle as they were too busy enjoying the meal. After their meal, Zubaida and Moha received calls and had to leave. They would be catching their flight tomorrow.*


*After their departure, Zubaida immediately got busy with household chores. She was determined to make the house tidy before the others returned. Zulaihat, on the other hand, struggled with her food, unable to eat properly due to her inner turmoil.*


*Najeeb, having finished his meal, noticed Zulaihat’s unease. He wanted to comfort her but didn’t know how to address the situation regarding their marriage. Should he talk to her or give her space? He decided to remain silent for now, contemplating the best approach.*


*Najeeb then left the house to visit Hajja, a friend he hadn’t seen in a while. His mind was consumed with thoughts about the marriage situation. Would it be possible to proceed with the marriage given Zulaihat’s reluctance? These questions weighed heavily on him, and he couldn’t help but murmur to himself as he pondered the way forward.*


*As he returned to his part of the house, he couldn’t find any answers. But he felt a sense of relief, knowing that tomorrow, they would all depart for the estate. He hoped that a change of scenery would help ease their troubles. Najeeb then went to his room, and as he covered himself, he continued to mull over the complexities of their situation.*

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