**NIGERIA ????**


**_Jigawa, Dutse_**


Gently, he descended the stairs, holding a bouquet of roses in his hand as he checked the time. The nagging worry that he might be late was evident in his demeanor. Without delay, he rushed out the door to pick up Ammie, saying, “Morning, My Love.” She greeted him with a warm smile, her hair slightly tousled, and her eyes still heavy with sleep.


Ammie tried to get up quickly and prepare breakfast, but he insisted, “Ammie, take your time, I can wait.” Despite her protests, he was eager for her to finish her breakfast, so he took a bite of her food and said, “Mmm, delicious.”


“But, Ammie, I can’t eat it all before I go,” he chuckled. She sighed and realized that he had a busy day ahead. He would meet his business associates at 9 AM, but it looked like he wouldn’t be able to finish breakfast before then. 


She watched him with a sense of affection and concern. Her A-KaÉ—ir was always so busy, and she didn’t want him to rush. She knew that he was under a lot of pressure with his business, and it bothered her that he didn’t take better care of himself.


When he finally left, she sighed in relief, knowing that he needed to focus on his work. But she couldn’t help but worry about him. She hoped he would find time to eat properly during the day, and she sent a silent prayer for his safety.


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