DA NA SANI Complete Document Written By Amnah El Yaqub


When I arrived home, my attention was entirely fixed on my play. Even as I idled about, propping my feet up, I discovered my mother strolling in the courtyard. Before she could continue with her tasks, Aunty rushed in, visibly breathless. She struggled to convey what had happened. Mama inquired, “What’s the matter, my dear?”

“Have you seen her?” Harara asked, her voice trembling. “Mama, how long will you keep saying that if her luck runs out, but she can hear?”

“God is in control,” Mama assured, looking at me. Harara then turned to Husna and inquired about Aiken, her son. Husna, with a troubled expression, grasped her mother’s hand, while I, brimming with anger, hastily retreated to my room.

“That’s enough, even if it’s all in jest, there’s no need for disrespect. She’s older, and we should prepare to treat her with respect. I won’t tolerate this behavior. If teasing is the issue, don’t tell her why I’m teasing her by calling her Lakeiya. That’s not what she wants, nor is it what she deserves,” I thought to myself, attempting to calm my frustrations.

Original Story:
The city of Zaria is a place brimming with blessings. Our father, the teacher Mu’az (principal), hails from this city, situated near the Door of the Law, in the Firzin house. His parents passed away a long time ago. When they were born, Ammu Hassan was unmarried and pursuing his studies. We affectionately refer to him as Ammu.

My mother encountered Abba while teaching on a practice assignment in Zaria. They later moved to Kano. Unfortunately, Hussaina and Hassana both passed away in Qyanda, leaving behind Hussaina Ayanhu, whom I lovingly call Aunty Husna. My name comes from my paternal grandmother, Nafeesa, but it’s pronounced as FEENAH.


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