CUTAR KAI Complete Document Written By Aisha Bagudo


Reehab is an affluent neighborhood located in Cairo, Egypt. It boasts beautiful and well-organized houses, one of which belongs to Muhammad Realwan. His house is a grand square structure with three upper houses, each equipped with a riser leading from the main gate to the inner parlors. The house feels like a world of its own, filled with luxury amenities and exquisite design.

The parlors in the house are equipped with wall-mounted TVs, bright electric lights, and comfortable seating arrangements. The dining table is round, surrounded by luxurious chairs, while the parlor is adorned with white chairs with black stripes. Additionally, there is a separate laundry area, and the kitchen is kept separate from the living spaces.

The grand house was built by Alhaji Realwan for himself and his sons, Aliyu and Samir. The construction of both brothers’ houses is identical, with no difference in design.

During a plane journey, a young woman sat in the parlor, seemingly relaxed but secretly scared by its opulence. As they took off, she noticed the smile on her companion’s face fade, replaced by a serious and focused expression. She leaned her head on his shoulder, captivated by his scent mixed with his body perfume, and soon fell asleep.

Upon landing in Cairo, they were greeted by a waiting car and Aliyu swiftly passed through the arrangements. The woman followed him closely, clearly not minding her duties as she was too engrossed in his presence.

Upon reaching the house, they found it under repair, indicating that the company or club was aware of Aliyu’s return and had prepared accordingly. In the parlor, Aliyu’s energy filled the air, and he retreated to his room, visibly upset. The woman picked up his phone and followed him, but he sternly asked her to leave the room.

Feeling disappointed, she waited at the door as the guard brought in their bags. Observing her, Aliyu looked disappointed at the sight of her sleeping on the long chair.

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