Tass!! Kakeji reprimanded her with a stern tone, expressing his sadness and frustration. 

“Where have you been? You see, I’ve been trying to avoid you, but because of your behavior, it’s as if you’re seeking confrontation. I’m going to the hospital.”

In surprise, she touched her cheek, which was sore and throbbing from his earlier outburst. Batareda, avoiding eye contact, said softly, “I’m sorry, I didn’t like our disagreement either. My head hurts a lot. I’m worried about Hajijiya, and I don’t know what to do. I didn’t mean to upset you, I apologize.”

As she spoke, she noticed a piece of evidence related to her divorce on the ground nearby. She walked past it and sighed, trying to calm herself.

Frustrated, he called out to her in anger, “You! Come here!”

Without looking at the object on the ground, she reluctantly approached him. Karasowa nodded her head while keeping her voice subdued.

In a milder tone, she said, “Please understand, Hafeez, something has been bothering me. My head hurts, and I’m anxious because of various concerns. I didn’t intend to upset you. I’m not seeking any help with my issues; I’ll handle them myself.”

He continued to express his displeasure, “Let’s see if you’re the type of person who enjoys such situations. You claim you’re not from the streets, and you know who my father is.”

With these words, she adjusted her slippers and began walking away, her body weighed down by the cold and her heart heavy with worry.

On the other hand, Hafeez didn’t make any further moves, still processing the surprise of encountering a woman of grace and composure. No one had ever responded to his anger in such a dignified manner before. His thoughts then turned to the young girl, who was left hungry.

The young girl quickly exited the car and pleaded, “Please, Yaya Hafeez, don’t do this, for God’s sake. I apologize if my presence upset you. I’m tired and overwhelmed, given the circumstances.”

Hafeez’s expression remained stern as he said, “Listen, Balkisu, please allow me to meet this girl and address her lack of manners. I’ve observed that she lacks proper etiquette.”

Balkisu began kicking her feet restlessly, similar to a cat, as she implored, “Please, how can you allow me to go to her house?”

Hafeez stopped, briefly glancing back at the girl who seemed adamant about seeing him. In the end, he decided to proceed. The girl seemed to be copying him in some way, which was not what he expected.

Despite his reservations, he got back into the car, feeling a mix of emotions. Some of his anger had subsided, and he even questioned his decision to marry her.

At Al’asfar Restaurant, Hafeez spoke to Balkisu directly, saying, “Sam doesn’t like to see you hungry.” Colorful and expensive food was promptly brought to her.

Hafeez commented, “She cried a lot, and I felt bad about her situation.”

Balkisu reassured him, “It’s alright; there’s no need for you to worry. Sam is just being stubborn. She’s eating not because she wants to.”

In a hurry, they proceeded to Gda, where Hafeez encountered some difficulties entering. Despite his efforts, he was filled with sadness.

Unfortunately, Danasani couldn’t mend his heart. Balkisu, on the other hand, held onto her resolve, doing what she believed was right.

During that night, Hafeez wrestled with his inner turmoil, while Balkisu clung to her determination to find the girl and fulfill her brother’s dreams.

With these thoughts in mind, he eventually fell asleep.

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