He walked briskly down the middle of the street, his car music playing loudly. The country song’s soothing melody filled the air as he strolled along, seemingly carefree. He could be seen occasionally sipping from a drink, and it was hard to believe that he was expecting a child. Suddenly, he stopped, his face filled with shock, and he uttered, “INNALILLAHI WA’INNA ILAIHIRRAJU UN.” People had gathered around, all of them somber, sensing something tragic had occurred.

He left his car behind and rushed to the scene. It was a major hospital, fitting for someone of his stature. The doctors quickly attended to the injured person in the emergency room. Murmurs of concern and sadness spread throughout the hospital. He retrieved his phone from his pocket and called his mother.

When his mother answered, her voice was filled with concern. She inquired why he was at ANNUR’s place. With a wry smile, he replied, “Mom, I’ve found myself in a difficult situation. I’m sorry.” His mother reassured him and asked what had happened, but he chose not to divulge the details, only saying he needed her prayers.

The woman attending to him asked if he had enough money for the medical expenses. He replied, “I know you have to accept it from me.” Grateful, she thanked him and promised to take good care of the patient. As he left, he turned to the woman and said, “Don’t worry, please take care of her. I’ll be back in the evening to speak with Dr. Hannatu.”

He returned to his car, started the engine, and headed home. He knew the guards at the gate, and after a quick exchange, he parked his car and made his way inside. He looked around for someone to continue his writing, hinting at a task he needed to complete.

With a proud stride, he exited his car and entered the house. The guards quickly recognized him and led him inside. As he walked, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. He reached a beautiful door that opened into a splendid room. Another door opened on the opposite side, and an elderly woman greeted him with a soft voice, “Thank you for coming, sir. I’m here in town.”

He responded respectfully to her greeting and asked for his mother. She informed him that his mother was in ALHAJI’s living room. He thanked her and handed her two hundred thousand dollars. The woman smiled and expressed her gratitude.

He proceeded to enter his father’s living room, where an elderly man of great dignity and wealth was seated. His mother and father were known for their devoutness. Anur’s father turned to his mother, who answered with composure. His father inquired if he should come in, and he responded affirmatively, expressing a desire to see him.

With a composed demeanor, he entered the room and greeted his parents. They returned the greetings respectfully. Anur’s father approached his mother, and she responded with a calm demeanor. He requested that his father come closer, as he wanted to speak with him privately. Anur’s father moved closer, and they shared a private conversation.

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