BIYU BABU Complete Document Written By Saratu Munzali


The ringing of Hajiya Kaltum’s phone pierced the air, beckoning my attention as I made my way into the living room. Tamika, gesturing to me, checked the missed call. “Another call from Yashigo,” she announced before answering.

“Today, I asked Dr. LAMEEN to come quickly because my son returned from the US,” she explained, a note of urgency in her voice.

With a heavy heart, I rose and made my way to the bathroom, preparing myself for the visit to Dr. Zaimiki’s office. After the examination, Dr. Zaimiki’s reassuring smile brought a sense of relief. “My dear, everything will be alright. May God bless you. Stay calm, and trust in Him. You didn’t lose your baby,” she assured me.

As I left the hospital, Yawwa Ali was there to carry the bags. We reached Dr. Hanna’s hospital, where the nurses attended to the wound before I was taken to the operating room. Dr. Lamin, having reviewed the files, joined Dr. Hanna in her office.

“We successfully delivered a baby girl,” Dr. Hanna announced with gratitude.

I inquired about the baby’s health, and Dr. Hanna explained that she seemed to be breathing normally. As the nursery doctors attended to the newborn, a sense of distress filled the room.

Dr. Hanna’s tears flowed freely as she pleaded for her daughter-in-law’s well-being. They brought her out, and the baby was covered.

Hajiya Kaltum, witnessing the emotional scene, rose quickly and embraced her sister, weeping over the loss of their family’s joy.

Dr. Hanna and Hajiya Kaltum held each other, lamenting the tragic turn of events. The nurse’s report of another patient in labor drew their attention, bringing a mix of emotions to the fore.

Dr. Hanna managed to compose herself, comforting her sister and urging her to remain calm. “Karima, I’m coming. Let’s go and assist her,” she reassured.

As we made our way to the labor room, I saw the situation that needed immediate attention. It was a critical time, but with the nurses’ support, we managed to stabilize the mother and welcome healthy twins into the world. After prescribing the necessary medications and injections, we assured the family of the newborn’s good health.

Leaving the hospital, Hajiya Kaltum and I encountered Dr. Lamin on a call, discussing an important matter. We quietly passed by, noticing that he had tears in his eyes.

“Sister, let’s go see the new mother,” Hajiya Kaltum suggested. We entered the labor room, and seeing Raihana Kaistaye, we offered our prayers for her and her newborns. Dr. Hanna assured her that everything would be fine, and we left with a sense of hope.

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