“Tunkwal, Tunkwal, Tunkwal,” echoed the familiar sound of her voice as she approached the House of Karan, nestled under the shade of the Dalbejiya tree. Her journey had been peaceful, with her favorite books in hand. Upon reaching the house, she observed signs of hunger and exhaustion all around her. She swiftly entered the house and greeted everyone with a calm “Peace be upon you.”

However, what she encountered inside brought tears to her eyes. It was Inna Mai Fura, who had initiated a struggle against someone. This battle seemed too reminiscent of Qaton Turmi, a legacy passed down through generations. It appeared that Turmin’s years of resistance were in vain. Fat mom, also known as a flower among the people, remarked, “Oh Deeda, have you risen yet?” Deeda replied, “Yes, we’ve just woken up.”

Mom tenderly touched Deeda’s face and turned away. “I’m sorry, Deeda. It seems that the school benefits haven’t reached us. Since I’m home, you won’t have to worry about it.”

“Surfe Gero is better than three bowls, you see. Their house sent me away, so I had to return here for work,” Deeda explained.

“Come in, take off your clothes, and join me,” said Deeda, indicating her mother’s request. A greeting was exchanged from outside. “Inna,” she replied. “God has destined it for us. Who is it? A friend or a visitor like Tabawa?”

Deeda hesitated, then continued, “I told her today is the day. So come on in, Tabarma is here to stay.” Inna replied, “On this dry moonlit night, let’s sit on Kaba’s mat.”

After they had exchanged greetings, Tabawa appeared somewhat apprehensive. She had been informed that her husband planned to remarry. Inna suggested, “Why don’t you talk to him and see if he agrees? You know this granddaughter of yours. None of the girls in this town are fortunate. She’s eighteen now, and not a single proposal. What will become of her? Don’t let her end up in the city, where she might cause trouble. The test for the DA certificate is coming up, and you don’t want her to fail that, do you? Finding a husband in this village is a tough task. Test her and see where her fate leads.”

Mom remained silent, contemplating the offer. Tabawa added, “It’s true that Banaj might agree.” She looked at Tabawa and said, “Well, I didn’t oppose her, but Deeda’s behavior…” Tabawa interrupted, saying, “Her behavior is not beyond your control. What do you think?”

Mom seemed lost in thought before finally speaking, “As for me, I’d like to help. I’ll take her to BIRIN GAYU to work.”

Mom’s statement had a profound effect on Tabawa. “What… what did you say about the city?” she stammered. “And GAY? What do you mean?”

Tabawa confirmed, “Absolutely. I’ll take her to the city of Gayu. Even a child in this village knows the name of that city. You know the kind of wealth they have, and not just now, but since ancient times. The people considered rich in this country are countless.”

Mom was overcome with emotions. She stood up and danced, saying, “Ah, I truly believe you care for us. Deeda mentioned her desire for this, but she passed up on the city. She even did Kasas with… “

In a cold, stern tone, Tabawa interrupted, “Well, don’t touch… I don’t see how Deeda can interfere with this opportunity she’s received.”

Tabawa and Mom stood together, discussing the plan. Deeda, who had been eavesdropping, couldn’t contain herself any longer. She stood at the door, holding back tears, and looked at them. “I won’t believe you’ve made such a decision without involving me,” she said. “Why would you want me to work in their house? I won’t go so far as to beg for food, let alone ask God to hide things from me. What am I, if not proud, to choose my mother’s wealth over anyone else’s money…?”

Mom, overwhelmed by the situation, fell into a fit of frenzy. Deeda’s determined words hung in the air. She declared, “You may say what you want, but it won’t change my mind. Tabawa, don’t convince me otherwise. Leave us here, and come to our house if you don’t believe that there’s no wealth that will separate you from us.”

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