When they left the Kingdom of Deborah, it seemed as though their journey would stretch for days on end, just like a caravan embarking on a long expedition. They had no choice but to follow the lead of Yarima MalikusSaif, similar to how Princess Zulaikha had ordered them…


However, Itako Bahijja couldn’t help but notice a certain unease in the air. She felt the tension building within the group, sensing that they would face challenges ahead. A looming darkness threatened to engulf them all.


Yarima Haishir directed his gaze towards the gathering before entering the Kingdom of Raifasu. As they returned from their mission, a cloud of suspicion hung over them. He couldn’t contain his curiosity and asked, “Are you all well after your journey, Masarautar?” One of them replied with a hint of concern, “Honestly, we shouldn’t make any disturbances within this Kingdom because we’ve learned of a significant event that occurred here. We’ve gathered valuable information that requires us to return discreetly, and we shall proceed accordingly, seeking forgiveness.”


A heavy silence fell among them, marked by nervousness and an underlying sense of urgency. Then, a grave murmur arose, and a deep voice proclaimed, “We have no choice but to proceed to the council. We must convey our findings to King BaidulÆ™ais, no matter the consequences!”


With determination, they made their way to a chamber where the servants prepared Yarima Haishir to face King Baidulƙais. The anticipation weighed heavily on him, as he was about to reveal information that would significantly impact their lives.

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