After the end of the world war and the death of King Kurungu, the world was in turmoil. The head of the army, Ax, went on a rampage, causing devastation and loss for everyone. However, there was a secret associated with King Kurungu that held immense power and sanctity—the Chain of King Kurungu. It was believed that whoever possessed this chain could defeat demons and rule the entire world.

People placed their hopes on this chain and swore oaths to obtain it. The world became embroiled in a fierce struggle for control over the chain. Meanwhile, the sons of demons descended upon the continent of Shammace with the goal of obtaining the Chain of King Kurungu.

In their pursuit, the demons encountered numerous challenges and faced enemies along the way. One demon named Gusruf embarked on a perilous journey to search for the Six Chains, including the Chain of Saida. He spent many days searching and faced countless dangers.

During his quest, Gusruf encountered a snake that threatened him. However, he bravely fought against the snake and eventually seized the chain it possessed. This act triggered a series of natural disasters, with rocks breaking and trees falling.

As Gusruf possessed the chain, he gained immense power and control over various creatures, including demons and wild animals. However, this newfound power also made him a target, as evil demons and countless others sought to kill him.

One day, while Gusruf was walking, he heard his name being called repeatedly, and he saw his parents, Kurungu Maiduniya and his father, crying out to him. They warned him of the dangers associated with the chain and its immense power. They pleaded with him to stop and not use it, as doing so would lead to his death and the destruction of the chain.

Gusruf’s mother explained that if he died, the chain would remain untouched for thirty days, during which no one would be able to destroy it. She emphasized the chain’s significance and the fact that it was known throughout the world.

Despite the warnings, Gusruf believed that the chain was his destiny and that it held a place in history. He acknowledged the dangers he would face from angels, sadistic people, heroes, and other evil beings. Gusruf was determined to wield the power of the chain and face whatever challenges lay ahead in his quest for supremacy.

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