Today, Iman found herself sitting on the floor of her room, as she often did when she didn’t have lectures. Lost in thought, she suddenly snapped out of her reverie and took a deep breath. She spoke in a cold, determined voice, her eyes welling up with tears.

“My gut feeling is lying to me. I must stop indulging in things that are not good for me. It’s been so long since I smelled that scent, and I swore I’d never let it near me again. He was evil, heartless… I hate you, Isma’il!” she cried out in anguish.

Iman’s friend, Miss Xoxo, interrupted her emotional outburst. “Iman, do you think life will always be filled with tears and turmoil? My dear, let us share your worries so that you can find relief. If there’s anything we can do to help, even if it’s just through prayers, we’ll be there for you.”

Gsky, another friend, chimed in, “Miss Xoxo is right. You should believe that we are concerned about you. You’ve accepted us as family or ‘good friends,’ so please confide in us. Your worries are our worries, and your happiness is our happiness. It feels like we were born of the same parents.”

With tears still streaming down her face, Iman reached out and held Miss Xoxo’s hand, her voice trembling. “Gsky, Reefat, Xoxo… Tafaďa, you’ve been mending my life. I trust you like my own siblings. Let me share my burdens with you.”

Tafaďa gently placed a hand on Iman’s shoulder, and Reefat held her other hand. “We’re here for you, Iman. Please, tell us what’s on your mind. We may not be able to solve everything, but we can offer our support and prayers,” Reefat reassured her.

Iman wiped away her tears with her hand, taking a deep breath. “Thank you for your understanding. I never hid anything from you because I didn’t trust you. It’s just that what happened to me… it’s like a hidden secret from before I met you. I think it’s time I told you who Saudat is. I’ll reveal the root cause of the chaos in my life and the source of my anxiety,” she said, her voice quivering.

As Iman began to share her painful story, tears flowed freely. Reefat and Xoxo also couldn’t hold back their tears. The weight of Iman’s burden touched them deeply, and they cried together, offering solace and understanding.

When they left for class, their hearts were heavy, but Iman was determined. She looked back, feeling as if the scent of that perfume was following her. Xoxo asked, “Iman, what are you looking at? I’ve noticed you’ve been glancing back several times.”

Iman smiled, her gaze resolute. “I’m looking for answers, Xoxo. I’ll find out what he knows, and I’ll confront it head-on.”

They entered the classroom as the teacher began the day’s lessons, their hearts burdened by the secrets they now shared.

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