BAN DACE DASHI BA Complete Document Written By Ayshert Angel


Overseas, she donned lengthy trousers and a chilly coat with a hood, shielding her head beneath a hat that partially obscured her face with a wide brim known as calaba. Swiftly striding, she found herself colliding with a man. Muttering a quick “Sorry,” she continued on her way.

Maheer, taken aback, gazed at her, prompting Kasim to urge, “Let’s go.” However, Maheer hesitated, expressing, “Wait… This girl I just encountered, her voice and expressions are uncannily similar to my long-lost friend.” Kasim questioned, “You mean Mujahid, the boy who lingered in your thoughts?” Maheer affirmed, “Yes. Even though I met him only once, his troubled demeanor stayed with me. I’m still concerned about his situation.”

Surprised, Kasim noted, “And you told me she’s a woman.” Maheer clarified, “This woman, her voice and facial expressions resemble him, but she appears more like a black American, not Nigerian. Yet, my intuition tells me she might lead me to him.” Kasim skeptically asked, “Where can you find answers in this country?” Maheer cryptically replied, “Wait and see.”

Before Kasim realized Maheer had vanished, he muttered, “What’s so special about that boy that even Maheer couldn’t forget him?” Meanwhile, she retrieved something from a locker, catching Maheer’s attention. Exhausted from searching, he stood, scanning the multi-floored area, making finding her challenging. When he finally spotted her, he attempted to approach, but she swiftly moved past him. Frustrated, he mumbled, “Shit.”

Kasim quizzically asked, “You saw her?” Maheer confessed, “I saw her but couldn’t talk to her.” Kasim advised, “What would you say? Forget about this.” Maheer insisted, “I can’t. My concern for him and Momcy’s worries won’t let me.” Kasim suggested, “Let’s go.”

Later, at their villa, Maheer couldn’t shake the thoughts of her from his mind. His obsession grew, and when he finally encountered her again, he couldn’t bring himself to speak to her. His inner turmoil intensified as his mind shifted away from his long-lost friend, Mujahid.

In another setting, Maheer, accompanied by bodyguards, approached her. She reclined on a bed with a distinct calaba-adorned hood, resembling a piece of art. Seated across from her, Maheer greeted her, saying, “Hi.” Startled, she retorted, “What? You want to sleep with me? You speak Hausa, right? I’m not interested. Go where others are, make your choice, and be brave.” Despite her dismissal, Maheer implored, “Please.”

Unexpectedly, she delivered a swift punch to his face. Stunned, Maheer marveled at her strength. His bodyguards intervened, but she faced them fearlessly, demonstrating her resilience against a multitude of opponents.

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