Kinga Lawisa, I must say, I’m on the brink of testing your patience. I’m not sure I could have endured your nonsense for much longer. That’s how I fell into the trap of poverty and ended up here. It’s not like I had any choice, you know; we don’t share the same name. It’s evident to anyone who looks at you that you’re constantly in a foul mood in this house.

The truth is, when you step out of your home, you carry poverty with you, and that’s probably why you ended up marrying a poor man – you’re causing your own suffering. Well, here’s a piece of advice, if you hate suffering so much, just stop it ????????‍♀️.

The one called Lawisa remained silent.

“Anyaa *Khady* *BREAKING* won’t it bring you disaster? How much money does a poor person make? May God bless them…!” she interjected.

“Stop it!!! I don’t need any of your sermons right now. My mouth is full of bitterness, and I’ve heard enough of you. From today, don’t you dare call me from that phone booth, claiming there’s a problem. If you do it again, God knows, you’ll be in for a surprise.”

She said something else, but it sounded like gibberish to me, and *Khady* raised her hand, warning her, “Don’t you dare say another word here.”

After she finished speaking, she grabbed her veil from the clothesline, went outside, and started stomping her feet.

She walked for hours, clearly agitated, breaking the silence with her footsteps. She stood there, clutching her waist, shaking her head.

A passerby noticed the commotion and approached cautiously. He retrieved a gun and took his son away to avoid any trouble. “May God bless you, and may you find the owner of beauty and perfection,” he said.

For a while, she observed him sitting on his bed, giving him a contemptuous look. She then stepped aside and continued her tirade, calling him a monster ????????????????????.

Seeing the way he struggled with the data transmission machine, limping all the way to the building, she couldn’t help but comment on his misfortune.

“Oh, you, with your beauty and arrogance, should have a change of heart and reveal your true feelings,” she said. She didn’t start with gentle words; instead, she grabbed his hand and slapped him twice. “You fool, take a look at yourself and see how lucky you are? I pleaded with you to tell me if your father was stronger than him, let alone the carrier after cleaning him up…”

“I apologize; you’re clearly struggling. Amman is a foolish man to engage in conversation,” she continued. She pursed her lips and sprayed him in the face. Looking at the doll and feigning sadness, she turned to him and said, “Girl, your neck must be itching, given that you can even raise your hand to harm me!”

“I told you last year that I won’t seek vengeance on Marina this time. Amman, write and save me. Hameed, the vow of a husband, conserve your strength in this world. You know me, and your knowledge is unparalleled. I recognize you as an example in this town… Now, off you go, and you’ll see the world. Everyone is wearing shirts and pants…” ✍????

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