The Father of Horses holds a significant position in Fandagori town, located in Naija state. Fandagori is a bustling city known for its agricultural and livestock activities. Alh Awaisu, the Father of Horses, resides in a spacious ancestral home, and he serves as a respected teacher in the community. He has two younger brothers, and he is the eldest among them.

The house itself is quite sizable and has a unique architectural design, reflecting its historical significance. Alh Awaisu is married to Haj Halima, and they have three children: Abdulkadeer, Abdulkareem, and Abdulrahman, who is their cousin. Among them, there is Sakina, fondly called “Mama” in reference to their grandmother’s name.

Santaleliyar is a young woman blessed with exceptional beauty, and she almost seems like an extension of the house itself due to her strong connection with the family. However, she has ventured away from traditional roles and expectations, pursuing her studies and maintaining her independence.

The family is very protective of Sakina, mindful of her safety and well-being. They have experienced the loss of loved ones in the past, particularly a tragedy involving their home. As a result, they strive to maintain harmony and avoid disputes among themselves. The Father takes great care to ensure that his beloved mother, whom they affectionately refer to as Tadi, is treated with the utmost respect.

Sakina’s education is of paramount importance to the Father, and he aspires for her to excel academically, just like her brothers. Her brothers have already pursued successful careers in various fields, such as the military, finance, and public service. The Father’s greatest wish is to see Sakina become a doctor, a dream he hopes to fulfill for his only daughter.

One day, as Sakina returned from school, her father’s driver picked her up. The family was overjoyed, especially the children, upon her arrival. However, they had to deal with the unsettling news of a robbery incident that had occurred while she was away. Despite the theft of their possessions, they remained grateful for her safe return.

Sakina greeted her family warmly, and after sharing some family news, she joined her friends Salisu and Danlami in their section. Later, she went to her father’s living room to find him. She greeted him with respect, and he expressed his happiness upon hearing of her successful school term. He commended her efforts, despite her mother’s lack of support, and encouraged her to continue working diligently. He also shared his dream of seeing her become a doctor, an aspiration she eagerly embraced.

Their heartfelt conversation concluded with a blessing from her father, and Sakina affirmed her commitment to achieving her goal of becoming a doctor. She left her father’s presence with renewed determination to excel in her biology studies. She cherished her father’s unwavering support and hoped that one day, she would fulfill his dream.

Returning to her mother’s kitchen, Sakina shared her aspirations with Umma Saina, expressing her desire to become a doctor. Her mother, Abbanta, acknowledged the significance of her dream and prayed for its realization.

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