BABBAN GORO Complete Document Written By Khadija Candeey


He stood before a grand dressing mirror, donned in a sleek black suit, meticulously adjusting his necktie. The powerful lyrics of a song resonated in the background, syncing with his movements as he gracefully reached for a pear watch and spritzed on a touch of “The Real Man” cologne. Standing there, peering into the mirror, he presented a long, fair countenance, accentuated by a prominent nose, large expressive eyes, and charming dimples near the corners of his mouth. His smile beamed with pride as he admired how the suit fit him, feeling quite dapper, much like a father admires his own son. Besides a selection of shoes laid out in the vicinity, he chose a pair of half-covered shoes, taking a moment to once again admire his reflection before making his way to his mother’s room.


Upon entering, he was greeted by Safiya, who was seated and engaged in conversation.

“Where’s Mommy?”

“She’s taking a bath.”


Reaching out, he picked up a book from the center table titled “The Broken Heart.”

“Have you read the news?”

Nasir came in holding a newspaper, and Saif shook his head.

“No, what’s happened?”

Passing the newspaper to him, Nasir spoke up.

“It’s about a minister’s attempted suicide.”

“Wow, where?”

Saif inquired upon receiving the newspaper.

“In Nigeria,” Nasir replied.

“What happened to her?”

Saif sat down and perused the article.

“She’s Dr. Salamatu Abwegi Yola, the Minister of Petroleum. She gave birth alone.”

Safiya interjected, “Is she gone?”

“No, she’s in critical condition,” Saif responded, still engrossed in the newspaper.

Safiya lamented, “Oh my God, I hope she doesn’t die. It’s so much to bear for her.”

Nasir smiled and suggested, “Pray for her well-being. Her mother is currently in distress.”

Saif chimed in, “Well, you see, it’s too much for her. If it wasn’t for him, why would she attempt to take her own life?”

Nasir reasoned, “You don’t know the reasons.”

“No, Nasir, there’s no justification. I think she’s just worn out by the world or not thinking clearly,” Safiya opined.

Saif stood up and announced, “God bless you all. Let me check on Dad’s side. When Mom comes out, let her know I’ve left.”

Safiya grasped his hand, causing something to slip out of his pocket.

_”Reader Fareeda Muhammad Yabo. Firstly, a bomb explosion in an American bar, Israel engaging in peace negotiations with Palestine, a court in Egypt issuing ten-year sentences to several youths, the President of Turkey visiting his French counterpart, and in Nigeria, a Minister’s daughter attempts suicide._

Alhaji Bashir Bature reclined in his lavishly decorated bedroom, listening to the radio as he worked. Saif’s greeting caught his attention, prompting him to raise his head and respond.


Saif approached and took a seat. “Good morning, Dad.”

His father turned off the radio and replied, “Hello. Did you wake up well?”

“I’m fine, Alhamdulillah.”

Dad sat up, glancing at Saifa. “Did you speak with your wife?”

Kawarda Fuska’s countenance turned somewhat solemn. “Dad,” Saifullahi Hak’uri, why is there a conflict with your wife? Everyone can see that we should resolve this now, not later. How will it be if there’s no forgiveness? It’s also causing pain for her since her parents have intervened.”

He paused briefly and added, “Dad, I don’t appreciate her behavior, and I made her realize that.”

“Just apologize and bring her back. Let’s do what God wants,” his father advised.

“Exactly, Dad. I’ll leave it to God,” Saif replied.

“Well, may God grant you both peace and understanding.”

“Amen, Dad. Thank you.”

He picked up the teacup before him and glanced at Saif once more.


Saif responded calmly, “Yes, Dad?”

“I want you to go and check on Dr. Salamatu Abubakar Yola’s daughter’s health. Let me know what’s going on, as I’ve just heard the news about her attempted suicide.”

“Okay, Dad. I’ll go now. But have you heard anything about the reason behind it?”

Dad’s voice softened as he responded, “I’m still unaware of any reasons. I just want you to go and find out.”

“Alright, I’ll head over there now.”

“Good. Try to forget your wife’s words.”

Saif got up, smiling. “Sure, Dad. I won’t forget.” He bid him farewell and departed.


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