Here’s a rewritten version of the text with improved clarity and coherence:

The nurse was in a state of panic, her face glistening with sweat. She looked at the person beside her and said, “You can tie yourself up, you can tie up, you can, you’re almost a little bit left, tie up, I can see it.”

“I’m exhausted, nurse. I’ve lost all my strength,” the person replied, wiping sweat from their brow repeatedly.

“Someone, please hurry and call a doctor to the labor room, we need one 24/7,” the nurse urgently requested.

“Well, you’ve been here a long time,” she added hastily. After leaving the patient, she focused her attention on an officer who was in discomfort but showed no signs of imminent childbirth. The patient’s hair and blood pressure were dangerously high, ruling out a cesarean section.

With a sympathetic shake of her head, everyone present could tell she was going through a lot. “Hello there, can you check if everything is alright? We’ve never seen anything like this in our hospital. The baby’s head has been moving since the beginning,” the nurse asked another medical professional.

“Nurse, please administer the labor injection again. It might help,” the patient pleaded.

The nurse replied, “I’m sorry, but we’ve already given you about five injections since last night. It’s too risky to give another one now.”

Dr. Baridai approached the patient, trying to reassure her. “You’ll give birth safely, God is with you,” he said, even though he was troubled by the situation.

The nurse glanced outside and made eye contact with HAJIYAH ZEENAH, who had been waiting anxiously. “Is the nurse pregnant? Has she given birth yet?” HAJIYAH ZEENAH asked.

Sister Suwaiba replied, “The same thing happened yesterday and today. She’s having contractions but not progressing to childbirth. It’s concerning.”

“Oh, thank God. I don’t know who’s responsible for this. Even IYAH SAYIDA had a similar experience, but she gave up coming to the hospital. She’s here to draw attention, and the poor girl is suffering,” Sister Suwaiba remarked. “Her husband is out of the country, and her younger brother is here, but he’s unable to assist.”

“That won’t work for Hajiya; her blood pressure is too high. It’s risky,” Sister Suwaiba cautioned.

As they discussed, the doctor arrived wearing a coat. “Sister Suwaiba, I heard you were looking for me in the delivery room. What’s the issue?” he inquired.

“We have a major problem, doctor. The patient has been in labor for three days, and she’s in the final stage, but the baby won’t come out. When we try to assist, the baby retracts, and it appears the baby may be in distress,” Sister Suwaiba explained.

The doctor responded, “Let’s prepare for surgery; we can’t leave her like this.”

Sister Suwaiba continued, “Her blood pressure is dangerously high; we can’t perform the operation.”

“We can’t just watch her die. We have to do something. Let’s go see her,” the doctor said firmly.

Meanwhile, a call came in, and she went to speak with LAYLAH, her husband’s younger brother’s wife.

“Hello, I heard about ABDULMALEEK. I’m on my way to the hospital. IYAH Sayyada says she needs a window fixed for her house. Should I bring her with me or send her elsewhere?” LAYLAH asked.

Hajiya Zeenah sighed before responding, “You don’t need to bring her; if you send her elsewhere, she won’t be patient.”

After hanging up, Hajiya Zeenah turned to LAYLAH, who was visibly anxious. “When IYAH Sayyada arrives, show some compassion on your face, even if you don’t want to,” she advised.

LAYLAH replied, “I’m tired of living here. She’s due next month and wants you to stay. Why did we even come here in the first place? If it were someone else’s problem, she wouldn’t care. She always says, ‘You’re responsible for your own issues.'”

“Why are you worrying about me with your husband? You know I’m unhappy here, and you’re taking advantage of me. You know there’s no one here to support me. If you don’t like it, get up and leave. It’s not my choice to stay here,” Hajiya Zeenah retorted.

LAYLAH responded, “You’re right, but my mother-in-law doesn’t spare her rivals. The issue is that you’re at the bottom of her list. She has issues with everyone. She even had a confrontation with IYAH SAYIDA, but before that, she stopped coming to the hospital. I know she’s here to gain attention, and the girl is suffering a lot.”

Hajiya Zeenah comforted LAYLAH, “Don’t worry; we’ll do our best. Now, let’s go see Hafsan.”

The phone rang, and Hajiya Zeenah went back to where LAYLAH was sitting.

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