Why did you kill her? What are you going to kill?
I don’t think you can kill people
Zaharaddin then released him from the oil choke
It was hard for her to look back
The side cries softly when he is full of balls
He knelt down and said, “Mommy, BA NI NA KASHE TA BA.” He finished crying and said, “But I know.”
no one will listen to me and burst out with the pressure of eating
They heard the gate being shaken
The house looks like it is going to be broken
There was a loud noise at the door of the house saying that they wanted to come out
We have a mafia member here, we will not allow him to slaughter
Beloved, our children and our little ones, ay wllh
We will not accept it until we kill him too. and
Deeny’s mother and Zaharadeen himself
they were all shocked to hear the words of the people at the door
At home, they are thinking that it will be alright if she gives them a deenyta
They will kill him and he also thinks that he will not be able to surrender
If he dies, what will his mother do?
enter. they are struggling to wear this and untie that
and the young people are already tired and worn out
Anki opened the gate and that’s why the fuel tank was found
petrol according to them when they hear that his house has started burning
come out and they will catch the zaharadeen and kill them
as they suspect he committed suicide. so they criticized
start pouring petrol in their house, mommy is thinking
then they were wet with the oil that they just used
When they realized that it was petrol, they were all scared
First let them miss what mommy said she was pregnant
You are crying and you have caused us now
they will roast us alive like some firemen lol.
deeny said wllh mommy I DID NOT KILL HER
mommy said that he killed her, I can only see tears
the car’s blood poured down his face again
The police heard people being chased outside
try to eat my own hell until it is found
Ashana is trying to convince the police and all the critics
chased people and went to the door of the house in a loud voice
They said loudly, zaharadeen, come out and surrender yourself to
authorities to prove your innocence or not
his body was shaking and he was crying and crying
BA NI NA KASHE TA BA, mommy grabs his hand
She said sorry, we have to embrace fate, God willing
You won’t get sick, I’m sorry, give yourself up, I’ll see
that would be easier. For us, she finished her speech
crying like this, he got up and was walking in tears
he turns around as if he opened the gate and as if he
let him say in his heart that he should go out
kill me too, that would be easier for me to look up
He said, God, take me out of this accusation against me
As he was opening the gate, a police officer chased him and arrested him
gam and someone grabbed his hands and took him back
behind them, an anchor was found in his hands and sent
He was forced into the police car by people
start throwing names at him and we will kill you wllh we won’t
Hello, that’s not why the police is in such a hurry
They drove their car to the police station
He went to the cell and it was closed to see that deeny was closed in the cell
that’s why I stayed here for you two to hear the news

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