ASP ZARAH Book 2 Complete Document Written By Jasmine


He is lying on the soft bed with his hands resting on his stomach, visibly tormented by a severe illness. Struggling to move, he finally reached for his phone on the bedside table, intending to call Abdallah for assistance. Hamdala exclaimed in relief as the pain subsided, hastily dialing Abdallah’s number and engaging in their customary playful banter upon connecting the call.

“Zara’u’s betrothed is calling so early in the morning.”

In an attempt to elicit some sympathy, he feigned silence before relenting and pleading, “Bro, please come and take me to the hospital. I’m not well.”

Anxious, Abdallah inquired, “What happened to you all of a sudden?”

“By Allah, I am unwell, yet I must still perform the morning prayer.”

Abdallah was taken aback and responded with frustration, “What kind of person are you, M.J? You have a family to take care of, but you’re always rushing to the hospital due to your sexual desires. You’ve been married for two months and haven’t fulfilled any of your responsibilities. What will you say to God if you were to die without fulfilling your duties to your wife? Accusing her without cause is a sin in itself, even if you’re right, you can’t keep slandering her.”

He continued admonishing M.J. like a concerned father, and M.J. remained silent until Abdallah paused, prompting him to retort, “Are you finished?”

“I am,” Abdallah confirmed.

“Since you can’t help me, I’ll hang up,” M.J. asserted.

“By God, Jawwad, I swear, if I hear any news, I’ll call a doctor and inform them. What you’re doing to this girl is unacceptable to me.”

“Do you expect me to endure this pain in my body?”

“You have medication at home. I’ll give you thirty minutes, and I expect to hear some positive updates. Otherwise, you’ll have to answer to Dad.”

With that, he ended the call, leaving M.J. clutching the phone with a mixture of frustration and certainty that Abdallah would follow through on his threats. M.J. was keen on keeping his parents in the dark about his strained relationship with his wife, whom he believed they cherished dearly. This led him to consider Abdallah’s warning, but he wasn’t sure where to begin. Eventually, a sly smile crept onto his face, despite the lingering pain. He knew he had to remarry, although it presented its own set of challenges, as he wasn’t one to indulge in extramarital affairs. Broaching the topic of a second marriage might cause complications, but it seemed to be his only way forward, considering his current physical and emotional turmoil.

Glancing at the time, 6:45 a.m., he was certain she hadn’t left for work yet. Slowly, he extended his hand to his stomach, slipped on his bedroom slippers, and made his way toward her room, enveloped in discomfort. As if a bomb had exploded inside him, he limped until he reached her doorway. The hallway seemed lifeless, despite the refreshing aroma wafting through the air.

“She’s probably getting ready,” he muttered softly as he approached her bedroom door, eager to talk to her despite his trepidation.

In the mirror, he observed her struggling to drape her veil over her attire, dressed in work clothes. She looked stunning, akin to a Bollywood actress, Deepika Padukone, especially donning a professional shirt and trousers. Her face mirrored that of a poster for the film “Gani (Fighter ft Hritik Roshan and Deepika Padukone)” scheduled for a worldwide release in September 2023.

As he stepped into the room, she caught sight of him, visibly astonished to see him inside her space. Despite being married for two months, she could count on one hand the number of times she had seen him within that duration. From the day she arrived at the house, he had warned her not to encroach upon his territory, expressing a desire for no interaction. His dismissive attitude had been a source of deep pain for her, leaving her with a constant sense of disrespect. The unexpected visit had her wondering what might have prompted it. She worried that it might shatter her already fragile composure, especially since she had missed work for the fourth day due to excruciating menstrual pain and had an important meeting with the newly appointed commissioner. She had been unaware of the commissioner’s appointment, assuming the deputy would have assumed the role following the town official’s demise.

“I’ve come to claim my rights,” he declared, interrupting her thoughts, leaving her utterly astounded. She turned to look at him, trying to discern if it was indeed him who had spoken.


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