Much like Murtala Muhammed, he chose a southbound route, navigating through the congested traffic where vehicles seemed to stretch endlessly.

Among the multitude of cars stuck in traffic, a striking sight caught his attention. An ash-colored Highlander, waiting amidst the gridlock, held a young woman who seemed to be in a hurry.

Glancing at her Rolex watch, the woman seemed slightly perturbed, realizing that someone was waiting for her. As soon as the signal turned green, she swiftly maneuvered her car, paying no heed to the buzzing Samsung Galaxy S8 phone on her passenger seat.

Upon arriving at the gate, a multitude of students and individuals awaited their rides. She briskly exited her car, revealing her striking beauty—a tall figure with a well-proportioned body, neither too thin nor too plump. Her height accentuated her grace, complemented by her pearly-white teeth tucked behind rosy lips. Her slender fingers gracefully held her belongings, while a light yellow dress adorned her form. She completed the look with a matching veil gently covering her head.

Midway through her journey, she disembarked from her vehicle near the school premises. She held the hand of a young Caucasian boy, perhaps no older than seven. With a warm smile, she coaxed him, “Hey there, sweetie, can you give me a hug?”

Turning back to face her, the boy allowed her to lead him closer. She extended her hand and playfully said, “Come on, let’s see something.” She held his tiny hand and gave him a playful nibble, saying, “Please, don’t leave me.” Her large, expressive eyes twinkled as she teased, “Well, kiddo, today is my day, didn’t you know that?”

Another boy, resembling her first companion, held their bags and entered the car ahead. She waited patiently, then calmly followed suit. Observing the younger boy hesitate in the backseat, she raised her voice, “Come back here!”

However, he remained unresponsive, prompting her to yell, “I won’t leave without you!” The boy in question fidgeted, seemingly torn.

Since their walk began, neither of them had exchanged words. They approached a Shoprite, and she turned to the younger boy, saying, “Baby, I’m sorry, we got stuck in traffic.” He touched his face and replied, “I was waiting for you. Why didn’t you come?”

She held his hand gently and assured him, “Now, wait for me while I quickly check out this Shoprite. I’ll be back in a jiffy.” He nodded, and Mayar smiled at him before stepping out of the car and disappearing into the store.

As she shopped, she attracted the attention of many, drawing lingering gazes from men as she navigated the aisles.

While she was engrossed in her shopping, a stranger approached her. He hesitantly asked, “Hello, ma’am, can I have your number?” Maya looked at him, and he quickly lowered his head in embarrassment. She responded with a playful smile, “Sure, go ahead and tell me, Ogan. I’m not joking. He wants a number to stay in touch.” She finished her sentence, entered her car, and sped away, leaving the man standing there.

Hastening back to the Shoprite, the man who had requested her number returned, but he wasn’t an ordinary individual. He was an older man with a bodyguard, seemingly determined to pursue her. Urgently, he said, “She is the daughter of the father’s house, and she might give me a hard time. So, Skype, find out who her father is in this town.”

Skype promptly responded, “It’s done, sir,” and rushed to mobilize the bag carriers and phone carriers to pursue her.

Mayar continued driving calmly until she reached Zoo Road, stopping at the entrance of a grand house. She honked her horn, and the gatekeeper respectfully opened the gate for her. Parking her car in the designated area, they both disembarked and entered the premises hand in hand.

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