ARNAN DAJI Complete Document Written By Fareeda Abdullahi


In the forested town of Kuguru, a group of people lived without any religious beliefs except for their worship of a large idol. Every year, they sacrificed five individuals to appease the idol. In contrast, the town of Suci had its annual traditional festival, where young women were married off at the end of each year in a grand celebration. The town was under the rule of a tyrannical king who lacked any faith, and he enforced cruel practices such as cooking the firstborn child of new mothers.

One day, Tenkwai asked for help from someone named Zekaya to fetch water from a nearby stream, as the town faced a severe water shortage. Zekaya was reluctant to go due to the dangers on the way, but Tenkwai urged her to cooperate for the sake of their survival. Zekaya expressed her concern about the unnecessary slaughter of people in their town and the need for unity among their people, emphasizing that they were all part of the same race.

The two friends discussed the young king of the town, Sanji, who shared his father’s lack of faith and cruelty. However, Zekaya believed that if given the opportunity, she would offer advice and support to Sanji to encourage positive change.

Later, outside the town, they gathered and chatted about their activities. Zekaya shared a story about encountering something frightening while fetching water with her pitcher. The others were intrigued by her tale, as they had never experienced anything like it before.

In this mysterious and challenging setting, the people of Kuguru and Suci navigated their beliefs, traditions, and relationships while facing the realities of their unique world. The tale leaves the readers pondering what lies ahead for these characters and their communities.

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