There is a forest known as the Deaf Forest, where no human can survive. It is inhabited by evil demons and dangerous animals, making it a place of great peril. The forest is known for its unusual weather patterns, where it rains for thirty consecutive days without daylight and then remains completely dark for another thirty days. This ominous forest is a place of darkness and despair, and it is widely believed that anyone who enters it will likely not return alive.

In another part of the world, King Ishwar of Tamolika finds himself embroiled in a war within his own house. The informant advises King Ishwar to seek peace with his enemies, warning him that the consequences of war could be dire. King Ishwar’s sister, Bahura, pleads with him not to go to war against their own family members, hoping that surrender might lead to their safety. However, King Ishwar is determined to fight and refuses to submit to their demands, fearing that surrender would only result in their deaths.

As the battle unfolds, King Ishwar encounters a group of people unlike any he has ever met before. These people are described as brave, steadfast, and devout Muslims who worship one God. Despite the ongoing war, King Ishwar takes a moment to acknowledge their faith and advises Bahura to seek help from the Lord of Islam in times of calamity.

The battle intensifies, and King Ishwar and Bahura find themselves surrounded by enemy troops. Despite their bravery, they face overwhelming odds. However, King Ishwar’s determination is unwavering, and he prepares to face the heat of battle alongside his sister.

As the enemy troops approach, King Ishwar raises his sword over Bahura’s head, ready to defend her with all his might. They are prepared to face their fate, knowing that they may not survive the impending battle. King Ishwar has a hundred children waiting for him at home, and Bahura is filled with worry about their future.

The enemy troops advance, and King Ifkar, another key figure in the conflict, joins the fray. He wields his spear and confronts King Ishwar, and the battle rages on with both sides prepared to face the consequences of their choices.

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