ANJANE Complete Document Written By Ouummeey


She found herself running frantically in the midst of the dense forest, even though it was not yet night, the dim light did little to abate the fear that gripped her heart. The sound of pursuing footsteps confirmed her worst fears – they were getting closer. Clutching her pregnant belly, a kind of desperate cry escaped her lips as she continued to move with urgency, each breath becoming more labored. She couldn’t fathom why there were so many oppressors in the world, why they sought to extinguish her life and that of her unborn children. They had no enmity with anyone, and yet their enemies sought to snuff out their existence.

As the cries of the girl became more pronounced, it became clear that she was not merely pregnant, but was in the throes of labor. She made no effort to stifle her cries, and the sound of her anguish only spurred the woman on, matching the rhythm of her racing footsteps.

“Mr. Privat, speed up! Let’s kill her before she escapes the forest. It’s getting darker, and we won’t be able to see her,” a voice called out from the pursuing group.

Determined to outrun them, she pushed herself harder, hearing the leader’s command urging them to hasten. Her sole aim was to break free from the forest, to leave this nightmare behind and warn others of the peril that awaited them. But before she could reach the forest’s edge, a large log obstructed her path, causing her to stumble. She couldn’t discern whether it was thrown at her or had simply fallen, but it had served its purpose in slowing her down.

Falling to the ground, she instinctively shielded her belly from harm, the pain shooting through her neck. Knowing they were closing in, she scrambled to her feet, the metallic tang of blood on her tongue. She scanned her surroundings for a hiding place, assuming an air of nonchalance amidst the trees. At that moment, it wasn’t her life she was living, but that of her children. She feared they wouldn’t be spared from the hands of these oppressors, yet she hoped that they might survive even if she didn’t. They were innocent, not yet knowing the hardships of life, barely three months into this world. But these children were a threat to their father’s foes, a threat that must be extinguished.

She couldn’t comprehend why the world was filled with such heartless individuals. She empathized with her husband, the children’s father, for whom their children were everything. And it was for this reason that the greedy sought to take them away, to ensure he would never experience joy or solace. Their lives had been plunged into darkness, a darkness she had never fathomed, never considered. Now, faced with the prospect of life or death, she found herself questioning her previous beliefs, realizing her mistake in assuming the inherent goodness of every human being.

A faint glimmer of light ahead spurred her on, a glimmer of hope that perhaps God would grant her and her children deliverance. The Prophet’s teachings echoed in her mind, that the prayers of righteous children are accepted by their parents, that they are a parent’s true wealth, the only legacy one leaves behind in this world, and the only hope for salvation in the hereafter. She had never contemplated this before.


It was another school holiday, and she walked on foot, not like the more privileged children who were picked up in cars, rickshaws, or carts. She walked the entire four hours back to their village, a feat she didn’t find daunting. She knew education was her way out, her only chance at a better life. The thought of not pursuing her studies only pained her, and it was this privilege of learning that she held onto dearly, believing it to be the key to a brighter future for herself and the world.

As her steps slowed with fatigue, she realized she was no more than thirty minutes away from the village. She wasted no time, pressing her way into the forest with an unshakeable resolve. The forest was a part of their lives, a familiar place they visited to gather medicinal herbs or vegetables, or simply to explore. The increase in her pace offered a temporary sense of safety, but something made her pause, realizing that the speed she was moving at wasn’t typical of a solitary individual. She swiftly clung to a tall tree, hoping for a vantage point to assess the situation.

What she saw was a woman running, pursued by armed men. She couldn’t discern why they were chasing her, but she knew it couldn’t be anything good, especially with weapons involved and such a large group in pursuit.

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