Three girls chatted animatedly, their camaraderie evident as they enjoyed each other’s company. They were clearly close friends, and their laughter filled the air. Ruwaida turned to Nura and said, “We should seek our revenge first, starting with Mama Arima and her husband, the former najadun.”

Hamra nodded in agreement, adding, “You’re right, Ruwaida. We shouldn’t leave any loose ends. We’ll begin with the ones who will benefit us the most.”

One of the girls, reclining on the couch, opened her eyes and gave Hamra her full attention. She agreed with their plan, acknowledging that they needed to exact revenge for the troubles they had endured. This plan included destroying a document that held significance for their target, someone who had been proud of it from primary school to university. They had already stripped him of everything he held dear, and now they intended to make him witness the violation of his wife and daughter after seizing everything he owned.

Their plan was to continue on the Meduguri road, targeting Abba and Mamata next, after dealing with Mama Arima. The girls clapped and cheered, thrilled by their sinister plot.

However, their conversation was interrupted when the head teacher, Shek Idris Falala, appeared on TV and began discussing them. They stopped in their tracks, frustrated by his continuous insults. They felt that they had relinquished their rights to these fair-skinned individuals, who had started interfering in their husbands’ lives with their extravagant lifestyles and led some men to abandon their responsibilities.

The discussion turned to Sukuma, where money was being given to children. Recently, a boy had been hit by a car, and the children had chased the car. This incident had caused quite a stir. The girls realized that the situation had escalated, and the police had become involved.

Amid their frustrations, they remembered the importance of prayer and not taking actions that were too extreme. They hoped for guidance and help for those who were lost.

As they switched off the TV, they decided to offer advice to young couples who were busy with their studies and work and neglecting their marital responsibilities. They planned to change their approach to work and spend more time with their spouses.

Hamra expressed her frustration with a man they had sent a picture to on Facebook, but who seemed unafraid. Ruwaida inquired if they had encountered him at the supermarket, and Ayyya mentioned a car incident involving Khashim. Hamra suggested filing a report in a magazine or a TV station.

Ruwaida proposed visiting the man’s house to confront him about their grievances. If he refused to listen, they would escalate the situation.

Their discussion was interrupted when some older women, along with five men and a woman holding her brother’s hand, entered the room in tears. Hamra approached them and tried to comfort them, asking what had happened to Barrat Abdallah. Barrat began to explain, crying as she did.

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