ALWASHI Complete Document Written By Ummi Aisha


Nestled behind a large wall and gate, my orphanage is a beautiful place with several buildings that house the staff offices and the rooms where the orphans sleep, providing everything they need. The children can be seen playing, chatting, and engaging in daily activities.

On one side, two young women, Hafsat and Amina, both around 23 years old, were talking. Hafsat was wearing a pale hijab and a worn-out dress, while Amina looked more composed.

“Hafsat, you seem unwell today. Are you feeling okay?” Amina asked, embracing her friend.

“May God bless my health. I can’t help but think that our future is confined within these walls. Few people care about us or worry for our well-being. Even the government seems to forget us, except for occasional reminders,” Hafsat replied.

“But it’s not surprising. We’ve lived in this orphanage for so long, and no one has come forward to take us out of here. We’re just like any other children,” Amina said.

“How can we be like everyone else when nobody knows our background? Only God knows our roots. That’s why we’ve always relied on each other for friendship and support,” Hafsat expressed her feelings.

Before they could continue their conversation, one of the orphanage workers called them over, interrupting them.

“Come here, let’s go. There’s someone here to help,” the worker said.

They followed her and joined the other children, where a truck was unloading bags of food, clothes, blankets, and mattresses. The generous donor was an anonymous young man who had a reputation for supporting orphans and contributing to Islamic causes. The children silently prayed for him and his well-being.

After the distribution of the goods, the representative of the generous donor addressed the children, praising the young man’s compassion for orphans and his dedication to helping others.

As the young man walked away, his demeanor seemed detached and aloof. He wore a red t-shirt with long sleeves and a red belt that held his trousers in place. His face bore a serious expression, and he seemed preoccupied.

Upon entering his mother’s living room, his anger was evident. However, he found the room empty and decided to proceed to a separate room for some rest. His mother, who appeared to be around 45 years old, was elegantly adorned with gold jewelry. A young woman, about 23 years old, sat beside her, seemingly her daughter-in-law.

Their situation, which appeared affectionate, highlighted what he could never experience— a loving farewell.

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